The 2018 Sugar & Spice Christmas Collection


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    Christmas is a time for sweet gingerbread, spiced mulled wine and other rich festive treats. For our 2018 Deluxe Christmas Collection, we’re delighted to present four flavoursome bars, each with a hint of sugar and spice.

    Open the embossed gift box, unwrap the tissue paper and discover four milk, dark and flavoured chocolate bars for you to enjoy.

    First, and for a short time only, is a dark chocolate bar with panettone from Pump Street Chocolate. This limited edition bar combines Mexican dark chocolate with Pump Street Bakery’s panettone in a delicious, sweet bar.

    Also included is Omnom’s Black + Burnt Barley bar. The bar contains three critical, and unique, ingredients that are combined with fine white chocolate to create a jet black bar with a crunchy texture and intriguing malty and charcoal like taste.

    Next is Islands Cacao’s dark chocolate bar with cocoa nibs. This bar is a combination of passion, cricket and Vincentian cocoa. After a semi-professional cricketing career, Wilf has embarked on a new vision – to ‘Think Beyond the Bar’. He wants to pay more attention to “ those who farm the cocoa, the passionate chocolate making team, the culture of the island and the Caribbean as a whole. I want people to feel a connection between our chocolate and the Caribbean”.

    For this bar the beans are sourced from Robert Jacobs, with whom Islands Chocolate have been working since 2011. When you open a bar, there is a wonderful picture of Robert by one of his cocoa trees. The nibs are generously sprinkled in this bar, giving it a lovely crunch. We found some banana, lots of chocolate pudding.

    Finally, is Chocolarder’s Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh bar. A perennial festive favourite that epitomises the Christmas spirit like no other. With a subtle spice and flecks of gold on its surface, this really is a truly decadent Christmas bar.


    • Four delicious artisan chocolate bars in a chocolate brown gift box
    • Bars from Islands, Omnom, Pump Street Chocolate and Chocolarder

    (Please note: we cannot offer additional gift wrapping.)

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