The Chocolate and Wine Taster Collection


With this elegant gift box experience, you can try for yourself the magic that happens when you pair wine and chocolate. We’ve specifically chosen these two wines for the surprising ways they work together with the chocolate, complementing the flavours and bringing out the best in both wine and chocolate.

Corney and Barrow - Les Poyeux Saumur Champigny 2019 (Half)

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Original Beans - Piura Porcelana

Flavours of raspberry, dried prunes, and pecan are sure to shine through in this smooth and vibrant Swiss chocolate.

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Corney and Barrow - Claret Maison Sichel 2012 Halves

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Akesson's - Madagascar 75% with Pink Pepper

A luxury dark bar with pink pepper, this fruity chocolate sizzles with a peppery kick. Unexpected floral notes prove the depth of flavour Åkesson’s pours into every bar.

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