The Matt Cain book club collection


This is the collection of bars that you’ll need to share in the tasting experience of this month’s book club pairing.

Carefully curated by Kathryn Laverack, these bars will perfectly pair with the themes and feeling of Matt Cain’s novel ‘The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle’.

If you haven’t signed up for the Craft Chocolate Book Club, you can do so on the page here: SIGN UP

Dormouse - Madagascar Toasted White

In stock

Original Beans - Cru Udzungwa, Tanzania with Nibs

A playful chocolate with hints of orange, apricot, and toffee, this gorgeous dark bar made in Switzerland has added ground nibs for a satisfying crunch.

In stock

Bare Bones - Sambirano Valley, Madagascar 70% Dark

This delightfully fruity bar from Scottish makers Bare Bones enjoys highs of raspberry jam and maple syrup.

In stock

Omnom - Lakkrís + Raspberry

In stock

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