The Missing Ingredient – A Book & Bar Gift


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    Jenny Linford has been a long time supporter of Cocoa Runners, and the wider craft chocolate movement.  We were so excited when she first told us that she was working on a book that would help to lift the lid on the role of time in creating food.  We are totally aligned with Jenny in our belief that time makes a phenomenal difference in the crafting of the finest single origin chocolate bars.  Where mass produced bars are made in a matter of hours, the bars we celebrate at Cocoa Runners take days, weeks and months to craft and age before they are ready for you.

    The Missing Ingredient is about what makes good food, and the first book to consider the intrinsic yet often forgotten role of time in creating flavour.  Written through a series of encounters with ingredients, producers, cooks, shopkeepers and chefs, exploring everything from the brief period in which sugar caramelises, the days required in the crucial process of fermentation in so many foods we love, to the months of slow ripening and close attention that makes a great cheddar o the years needed for certain wines to reach their peak, Jenny Linford shows how, time and again, time itself is the invisible ingredient.  Linford shows how paying attention to time in the kitchen and elsewhere improves our food, from the patient browning of mean to the long investment of many food producers in fields and storehouses around the world  The result is a joyful account of the vital role of time in our culinary lives, and book to savour.

    This gift contains a copy of The Missing Ingredient and seven taster sized bars for you to enjoy.  There is also a Cocoa Runners tasting book for you to record your tasting notes as you go.,

    Inside the Box:

    • The Missing Ingredient by Jenny Linford (paperback)
    • Cocoa Runners Tasting Book
    • Cocoa Runners Pencil
    • Friis Holm – Medagla Nicaragua Dark Chocolate Taster Bar
    • TCHO – Serious Milk Cacao 53% Taster Bar
    • Pump Street Chocolate – Jamaican Dark Chocolate Taster Bar
    • Original Beans – 4 Bar Mini Bar Tasting Flight
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    Weight 750 g
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