Tibitó – Putumayo Dark 100%

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Awarded two gold stars by the International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI) in Brussels, this bold and intense 100% single origin bar has a beautiful dark colour and a floral aroma. With a buttery texture that reminds us of brown sugar, the bar rounds off with red fruit notes and a subtle woody flavour.


Tibito sees itself as a celebration of the flavours and aromas of Colombian cacao. Their cocoa beans are sourced from different plantations various regions of Colombia.  The beans are then taken to its factory Bogota, where the cocoa from each region is transformed by hand into a chocolate that reveals and rejoices in the beans’ terroir.


The beans for this bar are sourced from Putamayo, a region of Colombia which borders on Ecuador and Peru. Legend has it that this river basin is where the cocoa tree first originated, making it a very special place for lovers of fine chocolate. The name ‘Putamayo’ comes from the Quechuan languages and literally translates to ‘gushing river’, where these beans thrive in the luscious, fertile, equatorial rainforest.

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Tibito wants to celebrate the flavours and aromas of Colombian cacao. Read more about Tibito

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Cocoa beans, cocoa butter