Undone Wild Bolivian 70%

By Undone Chocolate

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    Unfortunately this bar is no longer available in our Library. Please see below for four bars that we think you will enjoy.

    For this bar Undone has managed to source some incredibly rare wild cacao beans from Bolivian Amazon. Isolated and relatively untouched, the trees are heirloom varietals that are unique to this part of Alto Beni. We are very fortunate to have acquired some of the few bars that Undone has produce using this unique bean.

    Wonderfully crafted, this is the kind of chocolate that will yield different flavours and reveal new depths at every tasting. The smooth bar has an initially mellow, chocolatey flavour that you would more likely expect from a dark milk rather than a straight up dark chocolate. We detected an earthy undernote and astringency that built into a slightly drying sherbet finish. There was a hint of fruit, but on second tasting what came to the front was a coffee hint, mixed with a little fresh soil.

    The cacao is sustainably harvested by the local people. Sourcing these beans helps to support the conservation of the Bolivian rainforest and the people who inhabit it giving the rainforest value and therefore a tangible reason to protect it.

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    • Matthew W.

      Matthew W.

      August 12, 2016

      Despite the uninspiring name and plain, rather clinical packaging, you do get a pleasant surprise inside. The thin squares are smooth and hit with a rich caramel and liquorice, melting into raisin. There’s something about wild cacao that has very interesting and complex flavours. This Bolivian bar is very satisfying.

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This maker is no longer available from Cocoa Runners

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