Valentine’s Day Collection 2021


We’ve selected five craft chocolate bars, dressed in pink, for our Valentine’s Day Collection 2021. And what better occasion is there than February 14th, the “Day of Romance”, to explore and celebrate the magic of Craft Chocolate with someone you love. Gift deliciously and ethically this Valentine’s Day.

Akesson's - Madagascar 75% with Pink Pepper

A luxury dark bar with pink pepper, this fruity chocolate sizzles with a peppery kick. Unexpected floral notes prove the depth of flavour Åkesson’s pours into every bar.

In stock

Chocolate Makers - Colombia Criollo Pure Love 65%

A Dutch chocolate made from Colombian beans, this lightly fruity dark bar enjoys hints of cherry, raisin and prune.

In stock

Belvie - Don Duong 72%

In stock

Original Beans - Piura Porcelana

Flavours of raspberry, dried prunes, and pecan are sure to shine through in this smooth and vibrant Swiss chocolate.

In stock

Original Beans - Yuna White 12g

In stock

Gift Box | 3-4 full-sized bars

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