Virtual Chocolate Tasting with Prof. Barry Smith


Virtual Chocolate Tasting with Barry Smith, Thursday 25th June 2020, 8pm

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    We are delighted to be joined by Professor Barry Smith, philosopher at the Institute of Philosophy and co-director of the Centre for the Study of the Senses. Throughout the evening we’ll experiment with your perception of taste, with Barry exercising and explaining the science behind his taste and sensation experiments.

    We are planning our next tasting with Barry in late June; details to be confirmed

    We’ll lend our Cocoa Runners’ expertise in unwrapping the stories behind each chocolate, whilst also showing you how different beans, fermentation, grinding and crafting styles impact flavour, intensity, mouthfeel, texture and taste.   As part of this we’ll also explain how, and why, to read a chocolate label carefully what to look out for (hint: if there are ingredients that your grandmother wouldn’t recognise, be careful! And just as with wine, look for more than the country of origin)

    ALLERGEN NOTE: Our boxes contain some chocolate bars which are milk

    NOTE: this box contains 8 different chocolates; a mix of full-sized and taster bars.

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