Virtual Chocolate Tasting – Cooking with Craft Chocolate Kit


Join us for a Virtual Tasting with a focus on Cooking Chocolate. And even if you are “only” a lover of Craft Chocolate bars, by the end we hope you’ll also be able to whip up a great Chocolate mousse in under 10 minutes.

How it works:

  1. Purchase your Cooking with Craft Chocolate Kit
  2. Book the next “Cooking With Chocolate Tasting SPECIAL” session (see here)
  3. Connect to the live session via Zoom (we’ll email you the details)
  4. Discover, learn, taste and share a great moment at home

Join us on the 29th January- click here to register (you can sign up to watch our tasting for free, but our tastings are lots more fun with chocolate — see below for buying the Virtual Craft Chocolate Cooking and Tasting Kit)

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  • Description

    Whether you enjoying cooking with your children, are an avid baker who is looking to learn about better and healthier cooking chocolate or just love chocolate in general. This is the tasting for you.

    Together we will taste 8 different chocolate bars and show you how to make chocolate mousse using cooking chocolate during the event. A two in one experience!

    Join us for a celebration of cooking with chocolate! Together we’ll be tasting 8 different bars to explore the difference between taste and flavour, how to taste chocolate, the ethics of the chocolate industry, and the long and fascinating history of cooking with chocolate (spoiler alert: cooking with chocolate, and in particular brownies, smores and chocolate cookies have a much more recent history than most of us realise). As ever, it’ll be fully interactive and will finish with a quiz (prizes to be won!).

    We’ll also be showing how easy it is to make a chocolate mousse LIVE during the final quiz section of the event. Spencer will be using a recipe created by Sarah Fassnidge, an enthusiastic London-based amateur cook and photographer, to make a chocolate mousse by just adding hot water to the chocolate buttons you have in your Tasting Kit (yes, all you need is literally water and chocolate — although you do also need the water heated, some ice, a couple of bowels and a whisk).

    As well as the 8 chocolate bars, this tasting kit also contains a bag of our Menakao cooking buttons, so you can try making the mousse yourself.

    As ever, you can sign up to watch our tasting for free, but our tastings are lots more fun with chocolate.


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