Virtual Chocolate Tasting with James Hoffmann | March 2021


Thursday 11th March | 8pm UK time

This Virtual Chocolate Tasting with James Hoffmann will be hosted via Zoom.

  • Description

    James Hoffmann has been involved with the specialty coffee industry for more than 15 years. He was the 2007 World Barista Champion as well as 2006 & 2007 UK Barista Champion. He is the author of the critically acclaimed The World Atlas of Coffee. In his quest to make London famous for its good coffee, he co-founded Square Mile Coffee Roasters and has become a YouTube sensation with over 700,000 subscribers…

    In this tasting, James and Spencer will discuss some of the similarities and differences between craft chocolate and specialty coffee, and will look at some of the ways craft chocolate can learn from specialty coffee’s successes. We’ll be using a range of unique bars, from a Potato Chip flavoured milk bar from the US to a Gorse flower flavoured bar from Cornwall, to run through some of the themes and ideas of the tasting.

    Says James:

    ‘I’m drawn to chocolate, in many ways, because of its similarities to great coffee. To me chocolate is effortless enjoyable, chemically satisfying, but when I dig a little deeper, it becomes fascinating and even more delightful. There’s a question that drives many people who work in food, or become interested in it… This is a question I ask whenever I’m eating or drinking something delicious. Why does this taste so good?

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