Virtual Chocolate Tasting with Julian Baggini, 9th July 2020, 8pm


9th July 2020, 20:00

Entry is Free | Buy your chocolate kit here

Event held virtually on Zoom

  • Description

    This tasting is a comprehensive introduction to the world of craft chocolate, and is a great place to start your craft chocolate adventure.

    In this philosophical talk and chocolate tasting, we’ll be looking at what makes chocolate truly divine, or perhaps something even better. Philosopher Julian Baggini has just published a book on the greatest food movie of all time, Babette’s Feast, and he’ll be applying ideas from that to chocolate. Julian will be trying to persuade you that much of what we seek in religion can be found in the mortal, material world, and that cacao is one way to unlock this.

    Gather with your partner, housemates, family – or just yourself! – and taste our delicious selection of craft chocolates from around the world while also learning about the art of tasting and unwrapping the story of each bar via a video tasting. It’s a fantastic way to learn about chocolate,  a fun activity to share with loved ones, support craft chocolate makers who need your help now more than ever – and treat yourselves!

    The tasting will ‘open its doors’, so to speak, at 8pm.

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    22nd May 2020 at 18:00 London Time


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