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As Seen on Sunday Brunch: White Chocolate Bars

By Cocoa Runners


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Four craft white chocolate bars as featured on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch on Sunday 2nd July.

In this gift box you can discover four white chocolate bars tasted on the TV show by Spencer with Simon Rimmer, Tim Lovejoy and guests. Here we give you the ultimate collection of craft chocolate bars tasted on Sunday Brunch.

Good white chocolate is real chocolate. Just milk and dark chocolate, it is made using cocoa beans. Just like milk and dark chocolate, the quality of a bar will depend on the quality of the cocoa beans and on the maker’s skill.

These four bars have all been crafted from the highest quality ingredients by skilled artisan chocolate makers. From ‘toasted white’ to ‘vegan white’ to ‘classic white’

Taste and compare the chocolate bars and you will be amazed at the difference bean origin and the maker’s style has on the flavour.


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