Zotter Labooko For Those In Love

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A indulgent pair of luxury chocolate bars, one dark and one raspberry, created by artisan chocolate maker Zotter.

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Austrian chocolate maker Josef Zotter is known for his wacky and wonderful flavours, but this is one of his more restrained offerings. Inside the wrapper lie two different 35 gram bars – perfect for sharing.

The first bar is a single origin dark from Ecuador. Smooth with a quick melt, the bar has a hint of the vegetal flavours typical of Ecuador with more sweetness – think pumpkins rather than asparagus.

The second bar is a white chocolate. It’s still made from cocoa beans but just from the cocoa butter (the natural fat in the beans). The cocoa mass (the chocolatey part of the bean) has been removed and replaced with finely ground raspberry powder.

The result is intensely fruity and sweet with a deep pink colour. The bar’s flavours, mostly come from the tart and vibrant berries. It’s a great example of how chocolate can be used as a base to create incredible confections.

With both a white and dark chocolate inside, this delicious double treat will satisfy any chocolate lover, whether they prefer the sweet side or dark side.


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12 reviews for Zotter Labooko For Those In Love

  1. Rosie M.

    I really wanted to like this. I loved the packaging but the contents disappointed. The raspberry bar – I was expecting more fruit flavour without the mouth puckering tartness. The dark chocolate – by contrast smoother and much more approachable but not what I would call a great bar of chocolate.

  2. Michail K.

    very nice combination

  3. Louisa N.

    This is my favourite one so far – as others have said the dark chocolate is good but not a stand-out bar but the raspberry one… Normally I hate white chocolate, I hate fruit flavoured sweets but it tastes like a raspberry has been squished up in there, which is presumably just what has happened.

  4. Joshua D.

    This was my first chocolate bar from Cocoa Runners that I honestly found disagreeable. The snap was poor, the flavours, when present, were confused and nothing stood out. The novelty of two bars in one quickly wore out and soon seemed what it really was, a cheap gimmick.

  5. Lesley J.

    Just an update to my earlier review…Zotter does appear to make a raspberry bar as a singleton: it’s on the Zotter website with a whole host of other fruitiness. The cherry bar might be worth a punt.

  6. Lesley J.

    Nah. A game of two halves, really, neither of which amounts to what I consider to be chocolate. Hence the dubious two star rating…but read on….
    Bar no 1: One totally disappointing 60% bar. Too sweet, too sweet, no real flavour. Waste of my time. Donated to the Man. At this point I was considering cancelling my subscription to Cocoa Runners.
    But woah…what’s this? Bar No 2. It’s something, and something very interesting, but it’s not chocolate. It’s a pink zinger. Sherbet in a bar. I tried it for the hell of it, thinking, ‘How much worse can things get?’ As I say, it’s not chocolate, but it’s fascinating. It’s intense candy, if anything. It sparkles on the back of the tongue, none too sweetly, to its eternal credit. It’s concentrated essence of raspberries without the nasty seeds. And its tartness is its best asset.
    I agree with Lee’s review earlier in this thread: persuade Mr Zotter to sell it as a singleton. And also persuade him to remove the weird and rather unsettling image of himself(?) from the inside wrapper. Creepy.
    So, in spite of myself, I like the Pink Peril. It may not be chocolate, at least not as we know it or as I like it; but one thing I do like is having my flavour boundaries pushed a bit. Perhaps my subscription to CR will endure a tad longer.

  7. Kelly M.

    Liked the dark bar but not the raspberry.

  8. Gilli K.

    both bars were really nice. The raspberry was a really nice surprise and was a gorgeous taste. Not too sharp but just the right amount so that you knew what it was. The dark was really nice too, smooth as dark chocolate should be. very very nice bar. Like that one alot – totz amazeballz

  9. Laura C.

    These were both lovely bars, smooth with a lovely mouth feel. The Raspberry bar was a gorgeous fuschia colour with a sharp and sweet taste, not at all like a true white chocolate. The dark bar was a smooth an easy eating dark chocolate

  10. Dina A.

    The raspberry bar is extremely sweet and tastes very much of raspberry with a hint of lemon in the aftertaste. I preferred the dark chocolate though, which was intensely chocolatey and very smooth and just lovely. All in all, two great chocolate bars !

  11. kbr888888@gmail.com

    We were amazed at the quality of the raspberry flavoured bar. Tasted like fresh raspberries melting in your month. Really unusual and great tasting. A terrific surprise.

  12. Lee D.

    Out of the 3 boxes I’ve received to-date this is in my top 3. The package includes 2 bars of chocolate. The dark 60% is rather middle of the road. it’s good, but not great. Still better than most of what you can get in the supermarket, but otherwise not really remarkable given the remarkable chocolate you get every month from cocoarunners. This would get a 3 star review from me on it’s own and then only if I were feeling generous.

    The other bar however…

    You open the package to find fuchsia pink. And I mean FUCHSIA. I’m surprised it’s not glowing in the dark it’s so bright.

    I wasn’t expecting much. I HATE white chocolate as a bar as a rule. I’ve bought special bars with flavours that I thought would be complementary (toasted coconut comes to mind) and found them too sweet and generally sickly. It’s ONE redeeming feature is as an ingredient in other things. But this is different.

    It’s the perfect balance of the tangy acid of the raspberry to the sugar. And the creaminess from the cocoa butter combined. It’s just mindbogglingly good. Like raspberries and cream.

    For sheer surprise this would get my #1 spot. I didn’t expect to like it let alone love it (which is somewhat ironic as the same box included a chocolate I should have loved and disliked intently) . If I could find this separately then I would order a lot of it. But sadly it’s only available in this 2 pack.

    This is exactly what I joined cocoarunners for. To find chocolate that I wouldn’t even have considered buying in a shop, and finding something thrilling that I live.

    Now talk Zotter into selling it as a single bar! 😉

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Energy2414kJ / 577kcal
of which
- saturates24g
of which
- sugars45g
Peanuts (traces), soybeans, milk, nuts (traces), sesame (traces)
Dark chocolate 60% - ingredients: cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter raspberry bar - ingredients: raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, dried raspberries (11%), skimmed milk powder, emulsifier:soy lecithin, lemon powder(lemon juice concentrate & corn starch & sugar), vanilla, salt