Virtual Cooking With Chocolate Tasting Events

So far over 5000 of you (chocolate lovers) have joined one of our Cocoa Runners Virtual Chocolate Tastings. This time we’ve introduced a special new tasting for those who love to cook with chocolate! But, whether you’re an avid baker (or never baked in your life) or you just really love chocolate bars and looking to extend your repertoire… this is the tasting for you.

Next Date: January 29th, 8pm

Taste | Learn | Share*

*And master a 2-ingredient mousse in under 10 minutes!

How it works:

  1. Buy your Cooking with Craft Chocolate Kit below
  2. Book our next “Cooking With Chocolate Tasting SPECIAL” session (see calendar here)
  3. Connect to the live session via Zoom (we’ll email you the details)
  4. Discover, taste, learn and share a great moment at home

About The Event

Discover the Surprising and Complex History of Cooking with Chocolate…

As ever, it’ll be fully interactive. We’ll dive into the complex history of cooking with chocolate with one of our Cocoa Runners chocolate experts and you’ll discover a story that dates back centuries!

Join in and taste some of the world’s finest craft chocolates alongside us, and share your tasting notes through our interactive feedback tools. Together we’ll be tasting 8 different bars to explore the difference between taste and flavour, how to taste chocolate, the ethics of the chocolate industry, and the long and fascinating history of cooking with chocolate (spoiler alert: cooking with chocolate, and in particular brownies, s’mores and chocolate cookies have a much more recent history than most of us realise).

Take Part in our Live Chocolate Mousse Demonstration

Towards the end we’ll show you how to make a chocolate mousse from just chocolate and water in under 10 minutes! Check out our 2 ingredient chocolate mousse recipe here if you’d like to cook along with us… We’ll also run a quiz (prizes to be won) and open up a Q&A session.

Our tastings are always FREE to join, but taste better with the accompanying chocolate box. Order yours today.

What People Are Saying

Thank you for going above and beyond on the logistics and for delivering a very insightful and engaging session!


It was a great event and everyone had a fantastic time!


When remembering the chocolate tasting, I’m still smiling. I really have taken some lessons to learn.


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Have a recipe you want to share? Write to us!

Have a recipe you want to share? Write to us!

Write to us at or contact us via Instagram @cocoarunners

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