In Person Wine and Chocolate Tasting

Join us for a very special IN PERSON tasting at our office in 13 Charterhouse Square: a fine wine and craft chocolate tasting hosted by Cocoa Runners and Corney & Barrow wine merchants.

The Evening

  • Arrive at 6pm for a 6.20pm start, where you will be greeted by one of our hosts and receive your first glass of wine.
  • You will be seated in our tasting room and presented with a selection of fantastic craft chocolates paired with Corney & Barrow wines.
  • The tasting will begin at 6.20, and we will begin to unwrap the stories between each of the bars and how they accompany the various wines. We will explore the science of taste and flavour, chocolate and wine’s fascinating history, and how it’s made.
  • There will be a brief break in the middle of the tasting, where you will have time to discuss the chocolates and wines and ask any questions to the hosts.
  • The tasting will finish at roughly 7.30, and there will be ample time at the end to chat to our experts.

Meet your Host

spencer portrait

Spencer Hyman: Founder of Cocoa Runners

Spencer is an e-commerce veteran whose varied career highlights include translating Monopoly into Japanese, being COO of popular music site Last.FM and setting up parts of Amazon in the UK. He founded Cocoa Runners back in 2013 and has since expanded both his knowledge of and passion for craft chocolate. The growing and making processes of craft chocolate – and how they evoke such unique flavours – is what interests Spencer most.

Corney & Barrow

Corney & Barrow Wine Merchants

At over 240 years old, Corney & Barrow are one of the oldest wine merchants in the UK. They offer carefully-selected and honestly-priced wines that reflect the quality and provenance of certain wine regions. They are committed to showcasing the best examples of a wine style, country, or region. At Cocoa Runners, we continue to collaborate with Corney & Barrow because we believe they are true experts in their field and share our deep appreciation for speciality fine food.

Corney & Barrow