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Beyond Fairtrade: Fruition Chocolate

Fruition farm

Fruition is an American bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in the Catskill Mountains of Woodstock, NY. Founder Bryan Graham sources the cocoa for his bars from farms in several countries all of which are Fairtrade and Organic.

Bryan trades directly with the farmers in these countries, giving them much higher prices for their best beans. Paying them more and going direct is not only better for the farmers. Bryan I thus able to get the highest quality beans and have more visibility on how they are treated. With the high quality cocoa beans, lovingly cared for by the growers, Bryan is able to make his award-winningly delicious chocolate!

One of the origins Bryan uses the most is Peru. He uses these Peruvian beans in his dark milk, Maranon Dark, Dark Chocolate, and 100%. Traveling to Peru and visiting the regions where their cocoa beans are grown, Bryan Graham and his wife Dahlia were both inspired.

Bryan to craft his award-winning chocolate bars. Dahlia had previously spent a year teaching Peru and after their trip decided to set up her own educational foundation. The charity is based in the Saylla in the Peruvian Andes.

Here the Corazón de Dahlia development centre provides education and support to rural children and families. The social and educational project aims to develop skills and values through various outlets such as social development, cultural awareness, literacy proficiency, and mental health.

The organisation weeks to improve the quality of life for children, families, and the society at large by offering tangible alternatives in order to advance their education through training, guidance, counselling, and support.

Through its Center for the Promotion of Child & Family Development, it runs a number of different schemes including English lessons, field trips and cooking lessons. Activities such as their arts & crafts, dance lessons and even their robotics programming project give the children the opportunity to engage in rewarding and fun educational projects beyond the classroom. The organisation also runs a library that local students can use. Find our more about Corazón de Dahlia by clicking here.

Although the charity itself is separate to Fruition chocolate, Dahlia’s work in Peru was inspired by her and Bryan’s trips visiting farmers in the region. Her project gives back to the communities and people that have given us delicious chocolate.

Fruition’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond chocolate. Their delicious chocolate bars are placed in biodegradable bags and wrapped in paper.  These use soy-based and vegetable-based inks that are better for the environment and easily recycled.


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