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At Cocoa Runners, one of our central missions is to spread information about the world of craft chocolate. We believe it’s a completely different product to commodity chocolate because it tastes better, is better for you, better for the farmers, and better the planet. 

We explore a variety of different topics in our weekly newsletter (see here), delving into history, science, and current affairs. However, we understand that sometimes it’s easier to consume this information through video. 

Here, we have collated our video library so that you can easily access our wealth of chocolate knowledge. We encourage comments on our videos to continue vital conversations surrounding craft chocolate. 






Stay up to date with our Youtube Channel, where you will find our long form videos. Enjoy our series Craft Chocolate in Conversation, where we chat with industry experts, including Tim Spector and James Hoffmann, as well as our brilliant chocolate makers. 

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Recipe Videos

Explore our range of fantastic chocolate recipes, using our expertly crafted range of cooking chocolates.

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