Discover The World's Finest Craft Chocolate
Join Cocoa Runners subscription to receive four transparently-traded Craft Chocolate bars every month, with the tasting notes and story behind each bar
Take on "Veganuary" with Dark and Coconut Milk Craft Chocolate
Join our Cooking with Craft Chocolate Virtual Tasting on Friday 29th January at 8pm
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Virtual Craft Chocolate Tastings

Join or Gift a Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experience. Buy a Chocolate Tasting Kit and join in on one of our Live Weekly Virtual Tastings where we’ll guide you through the bars and everything you need to know about chocolate.

Academy of Chocolate Award Winners 2020

Experience a Craft Chocolate bar selection of four impeccable, award-winning bars. These four bars have been crafted all around the world, and carefully chosen by us.

Monthly Craft Chocolate Subscription

Subscribe and receive four small batch, single estate craft chocolate bars each month through your letterbox, wherever you are in the world.

Unwrap the finest chocolate wherever you are

Make your own chocolate bar

Make Your Own Chocolate Bar

Create your own craft chocolate bar with our brand new kit with everything you’ll need to make milk and dark chocolate bars at home.

Home baking with Craft Chocolate

Home Baking with Craft Chocolate

Upgrade your next cake with Cocoa Runners: with Sambirano Valley cooking chocolate and cacao nibs from Madagascar and Kokoa Kamili cocoa powder from Tanzania!

Home baking with Craft Chocolate

Take the Taste Test

Find your perfect chocolate match with the Cocoa Runners Taste Test and discover the perfect Craft Chocolate selection for you.

Cocoa Runners Reviews

The Virtual Tasting evening is a brilliant, informative, fun and delicious way to spend an evening during lockdown! Spencer is not only incredibly knowledgeable but also amusing and engaging via Zoom, and the chocolate is superb (and plentiful). I've got a totally new take on chocolate and am looking forward to trying more.

I've had a subscription with Cocoa Runners for over two years now and am loving it. Yes, it's absolutely risky because you'll develop an expensive taste for chocolate. But also you will learn to enjoy it modestly and never binge on low quality chocolate again.

So, do it for your mental and physical health. (-: (And, for the healthier and more sustainable supply chain + planet.)

OMG. Virtual tastings are THE BEST. What a fantastic way to spend quality time with a great bunch of people, to learn the fascinating behind-the-scenes background on chocolate and to discover some amazing new flavours and textures. THANK YOU

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The true chocolate lover's trade secret.

Our new favourite subscription service.

Cocoa Runners is any chocolate lover's dream company.

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