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Our ‘Welcome to the Revolution’ Craft Chocolate Tasting introduces you to nine exceptional craft chocolates and delves into chocolate’s fascinating history and how it’s made.

Sunday Brunch Boxes

If you tune in to channel 4 on a sunday morning, chances are you’ve seen some of our chocolate being enjoyed by a host of Sunday Brunch guests.

Now it’s your turn. to give them a try

Craft Chocolate Subscriptions

Subscribe and receive four small-batch, single-estate craft chocolate bars each month through your letterbox, wherever you are in the world. You can choose between dark only, milk only, mixed, and 100% chocolates.

Unwrap the finest chocolate wherever you are!

ICA Awards

ICA Award Winners

As the winners of the European, Middle Eastern and African Bean-to-Bar chocolate competition were announced on 21st June 2022, we just had to put together a few boxes so you can try some of the award-winning chocolate yourselves.

Chocolate Tasting

In Person Chocolate Tastings

MULTIPLE DATES AVAILABLE. Join us for a very special series of IN PERSON tastings at our office in 13 Charterhouse Square. We will be trying a range of exceptional bars, discussing chocolate’s fascinating history, and the science of taste and flavour.

Chocolate Tours

Chocolate Tours

Here’s your chance to explore the bean-to-bar process, to see up close how great quality chocolate is made. Take a look at out chocolate tours page and start your chocolate journey.


Craft Chocolate Subscriptions

Enjoy 4 exceptional full-sized bars from around the world every month, complete with in-depth tasting notes. You can choose between dark only, milk only, mixed, and 100% only subscription boxes. Order once and enjoy the world’s best chocolate effortlessly delivered to your door!

Welcome to the Revolution Tasting

Welcome to the Revolution Craft Chocolate Tasting

The Welcome to the Craft Chocolate Revolution virtual tasting goes well beyond a standard chocolate tasting. Our chocolate experts will guide you through the history of chocolate, how chocolate is made, and the difference between commodity and craft chocolate. Fundamentally, we want to unlock your palate during this tasting.

Annalisa Barbieri’s Introduction to Craft Chocolate

Annalisa Barbieri, celebrated columnist and Chocolate Correspondent for The Observer, has chosen these five bars as a great introduction to Craft Chocolate. Try them for yourself and see if you agree!

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