Virtual Tastings Events Calendar 🍫

All our Virtual Tastings are completely FREE to join, however you’ll need to make sure to register below to gain access. These live tastings will be held via Zoom, and we’ll send you details on how to join after you register your choice of date in the form below.

We strongly recommend having the chocolate tasting kit to go alongside the Virtual Tasting. It’s a great way to explore and taste terroir & genetics, monumental moments in chocolate’s history, and lots of different tastes, textures and flavours. These kits can be bought on the Virtual Chocolate Tasting Kits page. Please note that you still need to register your place for the Zoom Tasting!

Note: if you’ve been invited to a corporate or bespoke tasting, we will separately be sending out instructions (and if you are interested in setting up a corporate tasting please see here)

Weekly Virtual Chocolate Tastings | every Wednesday alternating 5pm and 8pm

These Weekly tastings will involve the “Pair Kit” (ideal for 1-2 people) or the “Family Kit” (ideal for 4+).

MILK SPECIAL Virtual Chocolate Tasting | every 4 weeks on Wednesday at 7.30pm

These Milk Special tastings will involve the Milk Special Chocolate Tasting Kit. Please see above for the dates of these tastings.

Chocolate Tasting with Tim Spector, Thursday 24th September 2020, 8pm

Tim Spector is Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College, a craft chocolate aficionado, and one of the driving forces behind the crowded Covid-19 app. He is also passionate about fermentation and its importance to our gut health. During this Craft Chocolate in Conversation with Tim, we’ll delve into Tim’s just released book, Spoon Fed, and discuss a range of topics from fermentation to our microbiome – along with tasting some of his favourite Craft Chocolate Bars too. We’ve curated a Chocolate Tasting Kit that includes 10 unique chocolates to be tasted alongside us. We’re offering up Tasting Kits ideal for 1-2 people or for 4+, with the chance to add on the incredible Spoon Fed: Why Almost Everything We’ve Been Told about Food is Wrong book.

Chocolate Tasting with Julian Baggini, Thursday 15th October, 8pm

In this philosophical talk and tasting, we’ll be looking at what makes chocolate truly divine, or perhaps something even better. Philosopher Julian Baggini has just published a book on the greatest food movie of all time, Babette’s Feast, and he’ll be applying ideas from that to chocolate. He’ll be trying to persuade you that much of what we seek in religion can be found in the mortal, material world, and that cacao is one way to unlock this. We’ve created a Chocolate Tasting Kit of 8 fantastic chocolate bars, complete with Julian’s new book, which you can buy here. You can also buy the chocolate only here.

Chocolate Tasting with Isabel Vincent, Thursday 22nd October, 8pm

Join us for an interactive chocolate tasting with award-winning author and investigative journalist Isabel Vincent. Isabel’s latest book, Dinner with Edward: The Story of an Unexpected Friendship, is a memoir of her deep five-year friendship with a lonely widower, and tells of their weekly dinners, prepared by Edward, and the wide-ranging advice he shared with her. We’ll be using six special chocolate bars to explore Isabel’s life, career, and life-changing friendship with Edward.