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Our virtual tastings (held over Zoom) are free to join, but make sure you register below so that you’ll receive your email invite. We strongly recommend ordering a chocolate tasting kit to go alongside the guided virtual tasting session.

Once you’ve registered below, we’ll send you an email on the day of the tasting with the joining instructions and all the relevant information. If you need or would like this information in advance, please write to us at

We also run a number of chocolate and wine tastings with partners such as Corney and Barrow, The Wine Society, Hedonism Wines, 67 Pall Mall, and Loki. We’re also going to start whisky pairing sessions too. These tastings are co-hosted by our partners; please see the calendar below for when they’ll take place, and for registration details.

1. Register Here:

2. About Our Up-Coming Tastings and Which Kit to Buy:

Weekly Virtual Chocolate Tastings | every Wednesday at either 5pm or 8pm

These weekly tastings will involve the “Pair Kit” (ideal for 1-2 people) or the “Family Kit” (ideal for 3-6 people). Discover, Learn, Share.

Bi-Weekly ‘Taste and Flavour’ Deep-Dive Tastings | every-other Thursday at 8pm

These bi-weekly tastings will also use two different sizes: “Taster” (ideal for 1-2 people) and “Deluxe” (ideal for 3-6 people).

Craft Chocolate in Conversation

Future Tastings

Register today to express interest in our upcoming special craft chocolate tastings and we’ll be in touch once dates have been announced.