Cocoa Runners Virtual Tastings

“A combination of history, palate busting flavour, and humour. You will never look – or taste – chocolate the same way again!”

Why Join a Virtual Chocolate Tasting?

Craft Chocolate provides an amazing way to try something that not only tastes better, but is also better for you and better for the planet.  Grab yourself a Craft Chocolate Tasting Kit and (along with our virtual live guided tasting) you’ll be able to experience this across eight different bars.

Craft chocolate provides you with a unique way to understand more about taste, flavour and mouthfeel. It literally helps you to “refine your palate“.

What Will I Learn?

During the tutored tasting session, you’ll discover the ways to understand the difference between taste and flavour, astringency and bitterness, and what causes the different textures in chocolate. You’ll explore and learn to appreciate the way flavour and taste develop like a wave, and the importance of checking the label before you buy.

We’ll take you on a guided tour of how chocolate is grown and crafted (from the cocoa tree to the final bar) – delving into the wacky history and incredible socioeconomic impact of chocolate along the way.

What Do I Need To Join?

Chocolate isn’t essential. But it’s definitely advisable and useful. You can order your Chocolate Tasting Kit here.

Bring along another device (e.g. a smartphone, tablet). During the tasting we’ll be using, so as you taste the bars you can share your impression with everyone on the call.

Remember to bring glasses of water and a coffee bean. And if you fancy, bring some wine, beer or whisky etc. to enjoy with your Craft Chocolate.

Are These Tastings Suitable For Children?

We have a whole programme of tastings which are designed for children. You can find out more, register your interest and give suggestions for content here.

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Buy a Virtual Chocolate Tasting Kit

Select your chocolate tasting kit and choose which live session you’d like to attend. Discover, learn, taste, and enjoy craft chocolate, wherever you are in the world.

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See Our Upcoming Virtual Tastings

All our Virtual Tastings are FREE to join, all you need to do is book your space to gain access to the Zoom link. If you’ve already bought a chocolate kit, please make sure to book your space.

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Craft Chocolate in Conversation

In each of these Conversations we’ll be exploring the careers and philosophies whilst tasting bars that showcase different aspects of the lives of our guests.

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Children's Tastings

Children’s Tastings

Looking for a Chocolate Tasting or Activity Event for children? We have designed a host of tastings events and make-alongs for younger chocolate lovers.

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Corporate & Private Tastings

Interested in hosting a Virtual Chocolate Tasting for your team? Online craft chocolate tastings are a fun and unique experience to bring together your team and colleagues in the comfort of their own homes.

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Children's Parties

Children’s Parties

Looking for a fun activity for your next children’s party? Great news! We now host craft chocolate talks and tastings for younger chocolate lovers. A wonderful way to create shared memories and enjoy great chocolate together from the comfort of your own homes.