Colonna – Coffee Pod Capsules, Limited Release (10)


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Colonna’s first ever Limited-Release aluminium espresso capsules. The Chilled Cherry Gesha espresso capsules have an incredible texture and body with elevated red notes and a lingering sugariness that coats the palate.


Founders Maxwell and Lesley’s coffee journey began in Melbourne, Australia in 2008, after discovering an underground movement called ‘Third-Wave coffee’. Captivated by the flavour and provenance-driven approach to coffee, the pair decided to take a leap of faith and dove into the movement head first. Driven by the opportunity to learn and innovate at a time when people were beginning to think of coffee in a different light, Maxwell and Lesley opened the destination coffee shop Colonna & Small’s in Bath, UK in 2008. Since, the pair have launched their very own roastery, meticulously brewing and presenting their coffee all over the world.


Chilled Cherry’s work to bring Panamanian coffee producers together around clean coffee cultivation continues to make a lasting impact on the families that they partner with in Hornito, Renacimiento, and Boquete. Through renewable energy programmes and organic composting at their partner’s farms, they have taken great leaps to reduce the carbon footprint of their production. Creating this synergy between the farmer’s outstanding coffee cultivation and Creativa’s state-of-the-art facilities and innovation leads to truly incredible results in the cup.

Similarly to Static Cherry, collaborating producers delivered their beautifully-ripe Gesha cherries to the Creativa mill. The next step in every lot’s journey is a strict quality check, with the team looking for an average Brix level of 18° and a pH above 4.5 with each coffee then being assigned to one of their progressive fermentation methods.

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