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These dinky pouches may look rather simple, but they’re specifically designed to store a bar (or perhaps two!) at a time. They’re big enough to fit even our most generous bars, and can be fully sealed. They also have a food grade coating to ensure that their contents will be preserved to taste as good on the last bite as they did on the first!

Truth be told, we’d been using them for a number of years to store our own bars when we travelled or went out and about to host mini tastings – they’re just so good at protecting bars from the elements! Perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised when our members asked us to make them available to them too!

We’re very keen to minimise waste and make the pouches as user friendly as possible, and, as such we made a couple of conscious choices when designing the pouches:

  • We felt that it was important that the pouches were durable enough to be used more than once. From our experience, the pouches can be used 5-10 times each.
  • We have also included a grid on the side of the packet so that you can keep track of its contents, and also each pouch’s previous occupier – after all, you probably don’t want to store a subtly creamy toasted white chocolate bar in a pouch that was previously home to a smoked Papuan bar….
  • We also chose pouches that are super compact – we love that they’re neat enough to fit into a bag, so it’s easy to take them with you to share with friends once they’re open.

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