Kristy Leissle – Cocoa

Kristy Leissle – Cocoa


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We think this book is the go-to guide for learning about the challenges facing the mass-market cocoa industry. It includes examinations of deforestation, exploitation, power imbalances, and environmental impacts, all embedded within the commoditisation of cocoa.

In this incisive book, Kristy Leissle reveals how cocoa, which brings pleasure and wealth to relatively few, depends upon an extensive global trade system that exploits the labor of five million growers, as well as countless other workers and vulnerable groups. The reality of this dramatic inequity, she explains, is often masked by the social, cultural, emotional, and economic values humans have placed upon cocoa from its earliest cultivation in Mesoamerica to the present day. Tracing the cocoa value chain from farms in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, through to chocolate factories in Europe and North America, Leissle shows how cocoa has been used as a political tool to wield power over others. Cocoa’s politicisation is not, however, limitless: it happens within botanical parameters set by the crop itself, and the material reality of its transport, storage, and manufacture into chocolate. As calls for justice in the industry have grown louder, Leissle reveals the possibilities for and constraints upon realising a truly sustainable and fulfilling livelihood for cocoa growers, and for keeping the world full of chocolate.


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