Mestico – Bonanca “14 Varietal”, 75% Dark chocolate

By Mestico

  • creamy
  • caramel
  • dark

  • Description

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    Brazilian tree-to-bar chocolate maker Mestiço has been growing cacao for over 40 years at Fazenda Bonança, in Itacaré, Bahia. Mestiço plant and graft productive and resistant strains of cacao. With hardier cacao growing plentiful, it means farmers face less invasive weeds and cacao-prone diseases, such as Witches Broom.

    The name “Mestiço” (pronounced Mæsteesso) means “mixed race”. It is a reference of both the Trinitarios that grow on the farm and of the mixed heritage of the chocolate maker: Japanese and Brazilian.

    The Bonanca “14 Varietal” is a Trinitario strain of cacao, named after the farm where it had grown.

    This dark chocolate gifts notes of Muscovado molasses and delicate spice. Its flavour is very caramel upfront, which gives the impression of a dark milk chocolate. On the surface, the chocolate is very pale in appearance, and the texture is very creamy and smooth.

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    Weight 50 g
    Type of Chocolate


    Maker Country

    Bean Origin


    Dietary Information


    , ,

    Archived Maker

    Lifestyle and Diet

  • Energy544kJ/130kcal
    of which
    - saturates19g
    of which
    - sugars25g
    Milk (traces)
    Cacao nibs, organic sugar, in house pressed cacao butter

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