Unsweetened Tanzanian Cocoa Powder 25kg


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Please Note: This is a 25kg bag of Cocoa Powder

Take your chocolatey bakes to the next level! This high-quality, flavourful cocoa powder from Kokoa Kamili will have a massive impact on the flavour of your finished bakes – whether they be brownies, chocolate cake, or some of our chocolate chip cupcakes

This powder is non-alkalised, which means it hasn’t been treated with an alkalising agent to lower its acidity. Non-alkalised cocoa powder preserves the complexity and flavours of the beans, giving you the rich and varied flavour profile you’ve come to love in Craft Chocolate. It’s also easier to bake with, as the natural acidity of the cocoa bean reacts with baking soda to create air bubbles, which helps your sponges to rise in the oven.

This powder was sourced from Kokoa Kamili in the Kilombero Valley, Tanzania. Kokoa Kamili has been paying premium prices for wet cocoa since 2015, saving farmers the tasks of fermentation and drying and adding enormous value to their cocoa beans. In the height of harvest season, Kokoa Kamili employs 50 people from their village, and has set up a scholarship fund for local girls to go to the nearby secondary school.

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