Virtual Milk & Dark Chocolate Tasting – Pair


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    Gather with your partner, friend or housemate, taste our delicious selection of craft chocolates from around the world, and learn about the background, tasting notes and history of each bar. It’s a fantastic and fun activity to get your chocolate knowledge rocking straight from your sofa.

    How does it work?

    • Purchase a craft chocolate box (for one to two people)
    • Have it safely delivered to your home (should take 1-3 working days in the UK)
    • Connect to one of our interactive chocolate tasting sessions 
    • Discover, learn, enjoy and share a great moment at home 

    PS: Our boxes contain some chocolate bars which are milk

    Craft chocolate provides an amazing way to try something that not only tastes better, but it’s also better for you and better for the planet.  And with this pack, along with a virtual and video tastings, you’ll be able to experience this.  We’ve pulled together nine unique chocolates that will show you how different beans, fermentation, grinding and crafting styles impact flavour, intensity, mouthfeel, texture and taste.

    Craft chocolate also provides you with a unique way to understand more about taste, flavour and mouthfeel. It literally helps you “refine your palate”. In the tutored tasting we’ll discuss different ways to understand the difference between taste and flavour (hint: flavour comes from your sense of smell, taste from a series of receptors on your tongue and in your mouth).  And we’ll also show you how to appreciate how flavour and taste develop like a “wave” with very different sensations during the initial, peak and then lingering stages of the chocolate melting.  To assist you here we’ve included a “flavour wave” developed with Professor Barry Smith (Director of the Institute of Philosophy at University of London and Co-director of  the Centre for the Study of the Senses).

    During the virtual tastings we’ll also offer advise on how to read a chocolate label and what to look out for (hint: if there are ingredients that your grandmother wouldn’t recognise, be careful!  great chocolate is all about the beans … so just look for cocoa beans, sugar and (maybe) milk).  We will also explain the difference between single origin and single estate / single co-operation — and why this is important.


    NOTE: this box contains 8 different chocolates; some of these are small 12g and 25g bars.  It is designed for 1-2 people at home; if you are a family or larger group we STRONGLY recommend the larger box!

    Print-at-Home Instructions

    (1) Online Tasting - Bars (2) Online Tasting - Instructions

  • 6 reviews for Virtual Milk & Dark Chocolate Tasting – Pair

    • Richard M.

      Richard M.

      September 18, 2020

      Really enjoyable and insightful experience. Never knew there was so much to learn about chocolate. 🍫 It has changed the way I experience chocolate for ever.

    • Talie L.

      Talie L.

      May 20, 2020

      Really enjoyable and educational some really amazing chocolate as well Thankyou. Also appreciated the extra time taken to answer all of our questions!

    • April J.

      April J.

      May 10, 2020

      A really fun and informative tasting with a host whose passion and excitement about craft chocolate was infectious. An excellent idea, thank you!

    •  .


      May 4, 2020

      I did this chocolate tasting online with my mum last week. It was very interesting and informative and the chocolate was fantastic. I would definitely recommend it very highly. It was a nice way to do something together with my mum too while we are unable to see each other properly due to social distancing! Thanks again Cocoa Runners and Spencer!

    • Katie T.

      Katie T.

      May 4, 2020

      Virtual Chocolate Tasting. What a great idea. A fantastic way to get together with your company over zoom, I would highly recommend. Very fun, tasty and educational - Spencer is very knowledgeable and will guide you through the history of chocolate as you sample it from the comfort of your own home. Loved it. Thank you!

    • Vicki B.

      Vicki B.

      April 30, 2020

      Excellent experience. There is a saying that every day is a school day, I learned a lot about chocolate production during the tasting. It was informative and delivered with enthusiasm. It is unlikely I will be purchasing commercial chocolate from now.

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