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Share the gift of craft chocolate with a 3,6 or 12 month tasting course.

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We run around the world, to find you four new craft chocolate bars each month.


You taste chocolate from some of the world’s most exclusive artisan chocolate makers.


Unwrap the stories behind each bar via our tasting notes. Then share your own notes online.


Discover the world’s best small batch, single estate craft chocolate
Receive a curated collection of four new bars each month, along with tasting notes to unwrap the story behind each bar
Be the first to try the newest makers in our Craft Chocolate Library
For more details scroll down to our FAQs


It’s great value – As a member of our tasting club, you’ll always pay less than if you were buying the bars individually.
Variety is key – We will never repeat a bar, so you will never taste the same bar twice.
First to taste – You will always be the first to taste bars from the newest makers to join our library.
UK shipping is always free of charge.


Got a question? Check out our handy FAQs for everything from delivery information, to how to cancel and suspend your subscription account.

Q. How much is your chocolate and your subscription boxes?

We are currently offering a price of £18.95 a month when subscribing to a monthly payment. This includes UK postage and packing.

Q. How much is postage and packing?

It’s free for all our UK subscription boxes. For subscription boxes to be sent to Europe we charge an extra £2.50 and for deliveries outside of Europe we charge an extra £3.50.

Q. When will I get my box?

When you subscribe we aim to send out your first box the next working day (Monday to Friday). After that, we send all our subscription boxes out in the third full week of the month.

For your first box you can also set a dispatch date instead – note that we don’t ship on weekends and please account for at least 1 extra day for packaging.

Q. How do the subscription payment options work?

If you are on the monthly payment subscription, we will charge you every month around the 12th. We’ll send you a notification email to let you know that payment has been taken. We then send out your box shortly after, during the third full week of the month.

These payments will not stop unless you email us at to request a cancellation or suspension.

Please be aware that subscription payments are non-refundable.

Q. Can I get a dairy free, dark chocolate only subscription?

Yes you can. Just tick the “dark chocolate only” box at the checkout and we’ll take care of the rest. If you ever want to change the type of chocolate you receive, please email us at If you let us know by the 10th of the month, we’ll even change that month’s box.

Q. Can I get a milk chocolate only subscription?

Our standard subscription offers a mix of milk and dark chocolate, but unfortunately we don’t offer a milk only option. With this mixed box you will receive 3 dark bars and 1 milk bar. Unfortunately at the moment, there are far fewer craft milk chocolate bars than there are dark.

Q. I don’t need more chocolate right now, can I take a holiday from my subscription?

Yes you can. Please email us at and let us know how long a break you want to take and we can organise a ‘holiday’ from your subscription. Please note, you must email us by the 10th of the month in order for us to prevent this month’s box from shipping. If you notify us after the 10th, we will still ship this month’s box, but will be able to pause from the following month.

Please note that we can’t suspend indefinitely, so you’ll need to let us know when you want the boxes to start renewing again.

Q. How can I change the subscription's delivery address?

If you’re moving or want your boxes to be sent somewhere else, then please contact us at and we can update your details for you.


Please note that you will need to email us before the 10th of the month to ensure that this month’s box is sent to your new address. Furthermore, changing the address on your account page will not always translate through for the subscription renewals. We request that you always email us to confirm that we have the right delivery address for you.

Q. I would like to buy my friend a subscription, is it possible to pay for a fixed period?

Yes, you can purchase a 3,6 or 12 month gift subscription for a friend. Please click ‘Subscribe’, then select ‘Send a gift’. Follow the steps and we will dispatch their first box a date of your choosing!

Q. I don’t know my friend’s address or preference of chocolate, how can I gift them a subscription?

We also provide a digital gift subscription, where you pay upfront for either a 3, 6 or 12 month membership of our club. You will then receive a gift certificate by email, along with instruction for how they can activate their membership. Please be aware that if your friend’s address is outside of the UK they will have to pay postage at the checkout when they redeem their gift code.

Q. Can I add in a gift message for the gift subscription?

Yes, there is an option before checkout to add in a message so your friend knows who to thank for their chocolate.

Q. Can I change the frequency of my subscription?

Currently there is only a monthly option available, however if you would like to skip a month (or two!) please contact us at and let us know how long you would like to pause deliveries for.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?

We know that you’re going to love your monthly chocolate delivery but if you wish to cancel your subscription, simply send an email to with your full name, the email address you signed up with and postal address, and we’ll do the rest. We’d also love to know your reasons for cancelling so we can improve our service in future. Give us the instruction, and we’ll do the rest.

It is not possible to cancel your subscription until the first box has been dispatched and received. Equally, if you bought the subscription with a discount on your first box, you cannot cancel until after your third box has been sent.

Please be aware that cancellation notifications must be sent before the 10th of each month in order for us to process the instruction in time before the monthly renewals. If you ask to cancel after the 10th of the month, your subscription will be cancelled as of your next payment date.

Please note that subscription payments are non-refundable.


The chocolate has been wonderful thank you very much, brilliant flavours and textures, and my husband has now decided he likes chocolate after all!


I love the chocolates every month and especially love the packaging.


What an interesting journey, and I am enjoying trying the various bars. I have to say that the packaging format is excellent, the "letterbox-friendly" concept is a great idea and the whole idea is great.


The best monthly subscription box to come through the door


Cocoa Runners brings the world’s best chocolate to you!


Another month, another delivery of outrageously delicious chocolate from Cocoa Runners

JohnNew York

It’s like paradise every month in your mailbox!



“The true chocolate lover’s trade secret.”

“Our new favourite subscription service.”

“Cocoa Runners is any chocolate lover’s dream company.”

“No one bar tastes like the next. It is eating chocolate in a way I’d never previously considered, as a food with infinite varieties.”