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The first box will be shipped immediately

How long is this gift for?

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  • £134.95
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What our customers say

  • It’s like paradise every month in your mailbox!
    Ella , Paris
  • The chocolate has been wonderful thank you very much, brilliant flavours and textures, and my husband has now decided he likes chocolate after all!
    Judy , Penhros
  • I love the different chocolates every month and expanding my palate and taste.
    Kate , Brighton

What’s it all about?

This is not your typical chocolate box subscription. With Cocoa Runners, you’re joining a club where the bars taste better, are better for you and better for the farmers and the planet.

To quote the Observer: “There are amazing worlds of chocolate out there, here’s a great way to explore them … each month it’s a total surprise as to what you’ll get and it’s a great way to experiment and discover new bars”  (Observer, Sunday 26th April 2020)

All around the world a new generation of small batch, single estate chocolate makers are crafting tantalisingly delicious bars.  These bars celebrate the world’s finest cocoa beans.  They taste better.  And our makers work directly with the cocoa farmers, providing sustainable long term opportunities whilst also preserving the rainforest.  

At CocoaRunners we are constantly searching out the World’s finest small batch, single estate chocolate bars and beans. For over five years we’ve now been sending out monthly boxes of four different craft chocolate bars from over 100 makers, with written notes to unwrap the stories behind the bar, bean, maker and farmer.  And we promise never to repeat a bar in our mixed and dark boxes (we also do milk only and 100% monthly boxes, but we can’t make the same “no repeat” promise”.

Treat yourself

With each box we aim to discover the world of Craft Chocolate.  We start by exploring how different origins impact flavour.  And then in the next two monthly boxes we compare styles and techniques from different parts of the world to explore texture and intensity.  Each box also contains tasting notes that “unwrap” the stories behind our artisan makers.  In the first box is also a resealable pouch to keep any unfinished bars along with a gift box to store the bars.

As a member of the club, you will also receive a number of other exclusive member perks:

  • 10% off any bar, and cooking chocolate, in our library
  • A special treat on your birthday
  • 2 free tickets per annum to one of our chocolate tasting events held in London (sadly currently on hold … but instead you can join any of our weekly virtual “zoom” tastings and instagram live)
  • Access, and special prices, to tours around craft chocolate factories and estates all over the world (again, once C-19 has passed)

Or give a gift with taste

Know someone who considers themselves a foodie? A epicurean gourmet? Or a chocolate afficianado? We’ve created a gift tasting discovery service that is perfect for them.

Send the bars directly to them, or send them a digital gift certificate for 3, 6 or 12 months.  And we send (almost) everywhere in the world

If you have any queries you may find more information in our Frequently Asked Questions

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