Welcome to the Revolution Tasting

The Welcome to the Craft Chocolate Revolution virtual tasting goes well beyond a standard chocolate tasting. Our chocolate experts will guide you through the history of chocolate, how chocolate is made, and the difference between commodity and craft chocolate. Fundamentally, we want to unlock your palate during this tasting, so that you know exactly how to taste and savour exceptional chocolate bars – a skill that will last a lifetime!

You will receive nine premium craft chocolate bars, each with various histories, bean origins, makers, and stories behind them. If you haven’t tried craft chocolate before, these nine bars perfectly exemplify craft chocolate makers’ commitment towards provenance and quality.

The virtual tastings are also interactive. For each chocolate, you will be able to discuss your thoughts and tasting notes. We’ve found that group events work perfectly for enjoying chocolate as we collaboratively discover certain tastes and flavours together. There is also plenty of time to ask our experts questions and there is a quiz to finish the event (with brilliant prizes).

Secure your kit today HERE to become a part of the Craft Chocolate Revolution!

Also, if you are looking to pair some excellent Corney and Barrow wines with your virtual tasting kit, we have curated a special wine collection for this purpose, complete with a tasting guide. You can buy this collection HERE.

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Meet Your Hosts

A Portrait of Spencer Hyman from Cocoa Runners

Spencer Hyman: Founder of Cocoa Runners

Spencer is an e-commerce veteran whose varied career highlights include translating Monopoly into Japanese, being COO of popular music site Last.FM and setting up parts of Amazon in the UK. He founded Cocoa Runners back in 2013 and has since expanded both his knowledge of and passion for craft chocolate. The growing and making processes of craft chocolate – and how they evoke such unique flavours – is what interests Spencer most.

A Portrait of Nick Saxby from Cocoa Runners

Nick Saxby – Content and Communication Manager at Cocoa Runners

Nick Saxby has a lot of experience communicating and educating about the environment, both in the wild and in a classroom, and now in Cocoa Runners’ virtual tastings! Nick achieved his master’s degree in Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health, writing a dissertation on the use of cacao agroforestry for biodiversity conservation. Following his passion for craft chocolate, and the wider cocoa industry, he enjoys sharing the history, challenges and science behind the world’s best chocolate with people.

A Portrait of Nick Saxby from Cocoa Runners


How can I arrange a virtual tasting?

Click on the tasting experience that interests you most from the above selection and, once you’re sold on whichever package you’d like, purchase the appropriate kit. Links and further details will then be sent to you so that you may attend the scheduled tasting event.

Can we choose the date for the tasting?

The dates available for different tastings vary. See our tastings calendar for a comprehensive list of tastings and when you can book them.

How long do virtual tastings last?

Sessions last for about an hour and half, including a quiz and Q&A at the end. Sessions can be a bit longer or a bit shorter depending on how interactive your group is.

Can we choose bars to go into the tasting?

We use a specifically curated collection of bars for our tasting sessions to best illustrate the world of craft chocolate. We don’t offer an option to edit these, but we’re confident that they will have everything you need for the best experience

Is there a delivery charge?

There is a shipping fee for each individual tasting kit. Deliveries within the UK are charged at £3.95 each and deliveries outside of the UK cost between £7.95 and £9.95 depending on location. All kits are sent via tracked delivery.

How can I get in touch?

Click here to ask any further questions.