Craft Chocolate in Conversation

Welcome to our series of Craft Chocolate in Conversation where we’ll be holding more Zoom calls with Craft Chocolate enthusiasts including Professor Barry Smith, Julian Baggini, Ruth Spivey and more to come. With these experts we will be discussing everything from Philosophy to Wine, and Texture to Feasting. These Craft Chocolate in Conversation sessions are free to attend, just simply book your space. However during these sessions we’ll also be trying some of our experts’ favourite chocolates, so why not join in with the tasting. All you need to do is buy your tasting kit.

Julian Baggini

Thursday 9th July, 8pm

In this philosophical talk and chocolate tasting, we’ll be looking at what makes chocolate truly divine, or perhaps something even better. British philosopher Julian Baggini has just published a book on the greatest food movie of all time, Babette’s Feast, and he’ll be applying ideas from that to chocolate. Julian will be trying to persuade you that much of what we seek in religion can be found in the mortal, material world, and that cacao is one way to unlock this.

The tasting will open its doors, so to speak, at 8pm on Thursday July 9th.

Ruth Spivey

Thursday 23rd July, 8pm

This Craft Chocolate in Conversation dabbles in wine. And we’re delighted to be joined by the wonderful, and ever-so passionate, Ruth Spivey. Fashion model turned wine trade professional, Ruth is the founder of Wine Car Boot and just so happens to be a craft chocolate enthusiast.

With Ruth we’ve chosen nine unique chocolates to show you how 1+1 can equal so much more in the case of craft chocolate and wine. We’ll use craft chocolate and wine to demonstrate the differences between flavour and taste, and how the time you take to savour will take you on radically different journeys.

The tasting will open its doors, so to speak, at 8pm on Thursday July 23rd.

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

Sunday 26th July, 11am

What a morning pleasure it is to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with an amazing bar of chocolate. And so we’re delighted to be joined by three-time UK Barista Champion & three-time world finalist, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, for a morning of pairing different coffees with chocolate.

The tasting will open its doors, so to speak, at 11am on Sunday July 26th.

Philipp Kauffman

Thursday 27th August, 7.30pm

Tune in to this Craft Chocolate in Conversation where we’ll be joined by Original Beans founder and chief grower, Philipp Kauffmann. During this session, we’ll delve into cacao supply chains, rainforests and conservation.