Cacao Pulp Cocktail Set



Have you ever tried cacao pulp? This sweet, citrusy, refreshing pulp comes directly from the cacao pod. We believe it makes an incredible gin-based cocktail, so we’ve created this bespoke cocktail set, complete with cocoa powder to decorate the glass’ rim and a Pump Street taster bar. This is the perfect gift for those with inquisitive flavour palates!

What’s Included?

Cacao Latitudes – Palo Santo, Ecuador, Cacao Pulp (Pasteurised, 90g)

Please note that the pulp comes in a pouch, instead of the cacao pod as the picture shows. 

This unique and delicious pulp gives a pleasant tropical tartness with hints of lychee, guanabana, citrus and banana. Cacao pulp is the sweet white mucilage that surrounds the seeds inside a cocoa pod. It’s the only part of the fruit that is pleasant to eat raw, and it provides the sugars necessary for the fermentation process. Here, the pulp has been separated from the cacao beans, before being pasteurised and packaged.

Mixing the pulp with water creates a delicious cacao drink, the ideal base for a cocktail.

Cocoa Runners Cooking & Baking – Unsweetened Cocoa Powder 200g

Take your chocolatey creations to the next level! This high-quality, flavourful cocoa powder from Kokoa Kamili will have a massive impact on the flavour of your finished creations. The perfect powder to dust the rim of your cacao cocktail glass with and add an extra hit of cocoa.

Gordon’s Gin, miniature 5cl

Britain’s standard when it comes to gin – wonderfully crisp flavour notes that compliment the delicate sweetness of the cacao pulp.

Pump Street – Jamaica 75% (20g Taster Bar)

This dark chocolate bar from Pump Street Baker is a buttery bar with a smooth, indulgent melt. Rum and raisin is mixed with a touch of caramel and brown sugar giving a rich and decadent aroma.  We noted hints of smoked honey on the finish.

A whisk 

A cacao pulp cocktail recipe card, detailing exactly how to create this perfect refreshing cocktail. You can also download this recipe sheet HERE.



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