Chequessett – Zorzal Estate, Dominican 100% Cacao

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  • Description

    Chequessett Chocolate is based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and named after the Wampanoag language’s “rushing water”. It’s not only the fact that the founders, Katherine and Josiah, were partial to the alliteration of “Chequessett Chocolate – Cape Cod Craft Chocolate”, but they also wanted to honour the history of the Wampanoag tribe, who are the first recorded Native Americans living in Cape Cod. And nearby Chequessett’s chocolate factory, where the tide rushes in and out of the land, this tidal inlet is aptly named the “Chequessett Neck”.

    This Dominican Republic cacao is sourced from Zorzal Cacao: cacao beans farmed and processed by Reserva Zorzal and its neighbouring farms. Reserva Zorzal is a large bird sanctuary – protecting the wildlife habitat for the Bicknell’s Thrush – in the Duarte province of the Dominican Republic. Its mission is to work to reforest endangered lands, protecting the birds as well as cultivating cacao and macadamia nuts. Burrowed within the bird sanctuary is Zorzal Cacao, a 130-acre fermentary and organic cocoa farm.

    With this bar, it is just pure cacao, no added sugar.

    Tasting Notes

    This 100% is quite the mesmerising bar. In texture it’s smooth with both a creamy and astringent mouthfeel. The flavour livens the palate with a sherbet sweetness and citrus fruitiness. The finish dabbles in its lightly acidic and roasted profile.

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