Chocolate Coated Cocoa Beans


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We are delighted to introduce the Craft Chocolate Collection.  Commissioned by Cocoa Runners, and hand crafted by artisan chocolate maker Chocolat Madagascar, this collection just goes to show that combining the finest ingredients can deliver a truly exceptional experience.

Each piece is enrobed in a generous coating of top quality craft chocolate by hand.  The cocoa beans are from Madagascar, and the chocolate that coats them is chocolate is the finest Madagascan cacao.

At 70% cacao content, it is a wonderfully well balanced craft chocolate; bold enough to stand up to the flavours of the fillings, yet not to intense so as to overpower them.  The finishing touch is a light dusting of cacao powder, added to ensure an intensely rich experience, from the very first bite.

Beneath the powdered surface lies whole Madagascan cacao beans.  These beans have sweet, fruity top notes and a delicious crunch.

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