Coffee and Chocolate Monthly Subscription


How Does It Work?

– Inside each box you’ll receive one unique bag of speciality coffee beans (whole, not ground) and two single estate craft chocolate bars.
– The first monthly payment is taken immediately, with a box dispatched within 48 hours. Thereafter payments are taken on the 12th of each month and boxes are shipped the following week.
– You can also choose to gift a fixed period of 3, 6, or 12 months (see here)
– Note: we may from time to time include bars that include alcohol, dairy, and gluten, and we may repeat the odd bar every now and then.

Despite predating coffee by a few millennia, craft chocolate clearly has much to learn by working with, and learning from, speciality coffee. Far more importantly craft chocolate pairs brilliantly with speciality coffee.

So we are delighted to be partnering with Maxwell and his team at Colonna to be offering you an ongoing discovery service of speciality coffee and craft chocolate. Maxwell has many talents: as well as winning the UK Barista Championships three times he also is a power weight lifter and a member of the Royal Academy for his portraiture. He also co-authored “Water for Coffee,” wrote a Coffee Dictionary, and is a co-founder of Peak Water.

His coffee career started almost a decade ago in Melbourne where, in his words, “coffee went from being a dull bitter stimulant to being a complex culinary product”. It quickly became his passion, and so when he returned to the UK along with his wife, Lesley, they set up their first coffee company providing lovingly crafted coffees at events, music festivals, and gigs around the UK. They then decided to create a hub to explore coffee in their Colonna store in Bath, and a coffee roastery. We strongly recommend a visit to this Bath flagship store and for anyone in London, please also consider visiting either of the Colonna x Curators collab stores at Canary Wharf (Level 39) and Leadenhall Market.

Lesley, Maxwell, and the team are also “craft chocolate DJs” so you can purchase their selection of Cocoa Runners Craft Chocolate’s in Colonna’s stores. Through this process we’ve been able to explore how well their speciality coffees and our craft chocolate pair. A logical extension of these pairings was to create a means for both speciality coffee and craft chocolate aficionados to be able to explore these pairings in their own homes – especially those customers who don’t live near to a Colonna Cafe. So now every month Maxwell, Lesley, Beth (Colonna’s roaster), and the Colonna team are pairing a different one of Colonna’s speciality coffees with two craft chocolate bars from the Cocoa Runners library.

As with our regular craft chocolate discovery service we’ve prepared tasting notes, so you’ll be able to unwrap the stories behind the coffee and cocoa beans, hearing more about the estates, farmers, and makers. Every month you’ll receive a 250g bag of Colonna’s roasted beans (sorry we are only able to offer whole beans at the moment) and two unique bars of craft chocolate.


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