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From Bean to Bar tells the story of the people and the places that have turned Britain into a world leader in artisan chocolate making. Along the way, author Andrew Baker explores the nation’s great chocolate hotspots, taking the reader on a journey through Britain’s chocolate making history.

The book delves into some of our favourite and very own chocolate makers, including Mancunian Dormouse Chocolates, Cleethorpes-based Duffy’s, Chocolarder from Cornwall, to name a few.

The book is filled with facts about Britain’s chocolate history and industry, advice on where to find the chocolates (if not through Cocoa Runners), and also how to become a bean-to-bar maker.

About the author: Andrew Baker

A dear friend of Cocoa Runners, Andrew Baker is well known in chocolate circles for writing on the subject as well as judging chocolate awards. For this book, Andrew had spent a year travelling around the UK learning in depth the trade and secrets behind Britain’s top chocolate makers and chocolatiers. Andrew is a journalist and the Features Editor of the Telegraph Weekend sections and author of Where Am I and Who’s Winning? (Random House). The son of the late, much-loved newsreader Richard Baker, Andrew is an experienced radio broadcaster for Radio Five Live and presents regular podcasts for the Telegraph.

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