Naive – Ambrosia Dark 65%

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Naive Ambrosia is a simplistic yet experimental dark chocolate with bee pollen. This chocolate part of one of Naive’s three new collections: the Forager Collection.

To craft each new bar, Naive went back to basics, deconstructing and evaluating every element of the chocolate bar.

Naïve is Lithuanian’s only bean-to-bar chocolate maker and despite their namesake, they are anything but naïve. Naïve refers instead to the simplicity of their ingredients, a focus upon quality over complexity and their unusual methods of production. Unlike other producers, Naïve like to include extensive information about each bar on their packaging. They offer not simply bean origin, but also genetic variety, conch time and roast level.

Central to Naive’s identity as a maker is a belief in sourcing from local producers wherever possible. This belief is perfectly demonstrated within their Ambrosia chocolate. This delicious bar has been created using pollen from Naive’s own biodynamic apiary. Interestingly, the pollen collected  from a dense forest nearby and as a result, the honey is a dark amber in colour and rich with flavour notes of the mossy earth and woodland. These flavours subtly penetrate into the bar and perfectly compliment the fudgy, floral notes of the cocoa and the delicate natural sweetness of the pollen.

Tasting Notes

This bar is both fudgy and woody with a delightful floral sweetness. The chocolate has a rich earthy note that then leads into

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Weight 55 g
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No allergens listed.

Cacao, sugar, cacao butter, wild forest honey, bee pollen, sunflower lecithin