Welcome to the Revolution Virtual Milk & Dark Chocolate Tasting – Family Pack (ideal for up to 6 people)


How does it work?

  1. Purchase your Craft Chocolate tasting kit
  2. Book which “Weekly Chocolate Tasting” session you’d like to attend (see here)
  3. Connect to the live session via Zoom (we’ll email you the details)
  4. Discover, learn, enjoy and share a great moment at home

Please note: If you have received a gift voucher for a Virtual Tasting, please redeem it by following this link.


Why Join a Virtual Chocolate Tasting?

Craft chocolate provides an amazing way to try something that not only tastes better, but is also better for you and better for the planet.  And with this kit, along with a virtual live guided tasting, you’ll be able to experience this. This kit is for our Masterclass Tasting: Welcome to the Revolution and you can sign up to the weekly sessions at our calendar.

Craft chocolate provides you with a unique way to understand more about taste, flavour and mouthfeel. It literally helps you to “refine your palate“.

What Will I Learn?

In the tutored tasting we’ll discuss ways to understand the difference between taste and flavour, astringency and bitterness, and different textures. We’ll also show you how to appreciate the way flavour and taste develop like a wave, and the importance of checking the label before you buy.
We’ll take you on a guided tour of how chocolate is grown and crafted (from the cocoa tree to the final bar) – delving into the wacky history and incredible socioeconomic impact of chocolate along the way.

What Does the Kit Include?

  • Ten different chocolate bars (NOTE: The best before date for the Original Beans Yuna white bar is 31/01/2022, instead of 30/09/2021).
  • A “tasting wave”, to help you start your tasting journey
  • Information on all the bars and makers

NOTE: As a result of supply challenges, the exact chocolate brands may vary between boxes.

NOTE: this box contains 10 different chocolates; comprising seven full size bars and some taster squares.  It is designed for a family of 3+ people (up to 6-8).

Print-at-Home Instructions

(1) Online Tasting - Bars (2) Online Tasting - Instructions

Nutritional info coming soon.

No allergens listed.

Ingredients coming soon.