Remembering Mott Green

By Cocoa Runners  ·  2nd June 2014  ·  News and Announcements

Today we’re remembering Mott Green. A year ago this week, the chocolate industry lost a true pioneer.

Mott Green was a university dropout, an idealist and a visionary. After becoming disillusioned with the American way of life, he dropped out of the University of Pennsylvania to help others, living in squats while working in soup kitchens.

Traveling around the Caribbean, he eventually settled in Grenada, having fallen in love with the island and the people. It wasn’t until some years later that he discovered the local cocoa, which was going unharvested because farmers simply couldn’t get a price that made it a worthwhile crop.

But chocolate is a high value product and Mott wondered why that value couldn’t stay on the island. Rather than ship the beans to the US or Europe, why not make chocolate in Grenada? After returning to the US for a couple of years to learn how to make chocolate and build the necessary machinery, Mott and his two co-founders shipped everything back to Grenada and the Grenada Chocolate Company was born.

This “tree to bar” concept has since become a model for chocolate makers all over the cocoa-growing world. Mott’s dedication, hard work and passion for life helped inspire many of the chocolate makers we feature on Cocoa Runners today. He proved that great chocolate can both taste good and do good.

Mott tragically lost his life in an accident at the factory on June 1st 2013, but his vision lives on, both at the Grenada Chocolate Company and around the world.

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