Craft Chocolate Takeover of Canopy Market

By Nick Saxby  ·  24th August 2021  ·  News and Announcements

From the 15th to the 17th of October, we are once again taking over London’s Canopy Market with a celebration of all things craft chocolate!

Canopy Market is a weekly independent market at King’s Cross, held under a beautifully restored Victorian glass and steel roof. A wonderful environment for a weekend of sensory exploration.

We have invited some of the world’s best craft chocolate makers to come and bring their wares, and share their stories. Makers include

  • Bare Bones
  • Neary Nogs
  • Pump Street Chocolate
  • FireTree
  • The Careless Collection (David Crichton)
  • Tosier
  • Solkiki
  • Dormouse
  • Charlotte Flower
  • Chocolarder
  • Grenada Chocolate Company
  • Mikkel Friis- Holm (from DENMARK!)

It’s a great opportunity to meet the makers of your favourite bars face-to-face, share your love of their craft with them, and support their business!

The Cocoa Runners team will have a stall all weekend too. We’ll have some favourites from makers who can’t attend (Omnom, Menakao, Original Beans, etc.) and be holding a couple of virtual tastings.

Alongside all of this, you’ll still be able to visit your favourite regular Canopy Market traders. The market will be fully stocked with an amazing array of fresh foods and drink, and wonderful craft creations.

Coming to the market, and meeting the makers to buy some chocolate, will be FREE. There is no entry charge for Canopy Market (though the Tastings and Pairings are paid for and ticketed)

Events: Talks & Tastings

However, our events (which include specialist tastings from a number of special guests) do require pre-booking and payment. Find more details and our comprehensive list of events below…

We’ll be recording these events so that those who can’t make it in person can enjoy the experience too — please register to virtually enjoy these events on this FORM.  

Welcome to the Craft Chocolate Revolution!

Allow us to welcome you into the chocolate revolution with a tasting of some of our favourite craft chocolate bars, led by one of Cocoa Runners’ chocolate experts. Through our selection of carefully crafted bars, you will learn about the intricate growing and making processes which make craft chocolate so much more special than what you find on the shelves at your local supermarket. The new world of flavours you’ll discover as we talk you through the tasting process will be sure to revolutionise your taste buds!

These sessions will be run Friday 5pm, Saturday 4pm, and Sunday at 5pm. And tickets will be £5 per person.

Whisky and Chocolate Pairing (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Join Rachel McCormack, best selling author, Kitchen Cabinet contributor and world renowned whisky expert as she guides us through the complex flavour profiles of three different scotch whiskies and pairs these with a brace of craft chocolates.
What’s more attending this session will secure you a coveted early access, and discount, to a great new service that we will be announcing there …

Tickets will be £10 per person and you will try 3 whiskies with 5 chocolates.

Note: you must be over 18 to join this tasting (and be prepared to show ID!)

Wine and Chocolate Pairing (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Wine and Chocolate Pairings

If you missed the sell out Virtual Wine and Chocolate Pairings we did with Corney & Barrow earlier in the year, fear not! Here is your chance to see what all the fuss was about.
We’ll be tasting three wines (one white, and two reds), that Rebecca Palmer and Ida Weatherall have paired with various dark, and dark milk, bars.

Tickets will be £10 per person which will cover the chance to try 3 wines and 5 chocolate bars!

Note: you must be over 18 to join this tasting (and be prepared to show ID!)

Wine and Chocolate Pairing (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Cheese and Chocolate with Neal’s Yard (Saturday only)

Normally the argument in our house is whether, at the end of the meal, to have the cheese or chocolate first. Here there is no argument -along with Neal’s Yard we’ll be trying three different cheeses and five chocolates to showcase how both products require real attention to detail both on the farm and as they are crafted.

As well as learning about the similarities of crafting chocolate and artisan cheese making, these tasting will enable you to mingle sweet with savoury and the tanginess of cheese with the bitterness of dark chocolate. Come, open your mind (and your tastebuds) to this adventurous tasting!

Tickets will be £10 per person.

Ice Cream Tasting and Talk with Terri, founder of Happy Endings (Saturday only)

Before becoming an award winning icecream maker, Australian born Terri worked as a chocolatier in Australia, Spain and UK. So join her to taste some of her award winning ice creams and hear about the importance of great ingredients, including Craft Chocolate, in making artisanal icecream.

Tickets will be £5.00 per person.

Meet the Makers!

Secure a first look at some of our star makers’ new beans, bars, and more. Some makers will revisit the classic, much loved formulae we’re familiar with and others will add a shocking twist, combining flavours you never thought possible… Bring an open mind and a readiness for adventure; you may stumble upon some new favourite bars!

Tickets will be £5 per person.

Secrets of a Master Chef Finalist – David Crichton (Sunday)

Wanting to get more creative in the kitchen? Come along to see former MasterChef finalist, David Crichton, who will let you in on some of his cooking secrets and how you can bring chocolate into the kitchen (and we mean putting it in food, not snacking on it to curb pre-dinner hunger). And learn about some of his latest creations – and why all great truffles should be made with craft chocolate.

Tickets will be £5 per person.

Pairing Books with Craft Chocolate, Kathryn Laverack (Friday and Sunday only)

Food for thought – craft chocolate and the written word. Come see chocolate aficionado Kathryn Laverack marry her passion for chocolate with the love of books through a tasting of bars paired with Matt Cain’s captivating and heart-warming latest novel, The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle. She will show you how you can pair authors, characters and themes with different chocolates.

Tickets will be £5 per person.

Kate Cavallin on Cocoa Sourcing (Friday and Sunday only)

Kate has recently come to the UK after a decade of living in Ecuador where she has helped growers and makers galore.
Join her as she explains the importance, and challenges, of sourcing Craft Chocolate from Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Cameroon and the Congo.

And get the chance to try a fresh cocoa pod with some cocoa pulp!

Tickets will be £5 per person

Craft Chocolate and Speciality Coffee with Maxwell (Saturday only)

Start off your Sunday by inhaling the aromas of coffee paired with craft chocolate and to appreciate the flavours as one compliments the other. Maxwell, founder of Colonna coffee, will guide you through the coffee/cacao flavour wave, and tell you how to do a great pourover.

And pat yourself on the back for securing a bargain — you’ll get to try two coffees for less than the cost of a round of coffees at Maxwell’s award winning speciality coffee store in Bath (Colonnas).

Tickets will be £5 per person.

Cacao Pulp Cocktails with Kate Cavalin (Friday only)

Come try some cacao pulp cocktails before this unique ingredient becomes the next Big Thing in bars across London. And – if cacao pulp isn’t ringing any bells – let Kate Cavalin from Cocoa Latitudes tell you what exactly this bizarre cocoa-product is. We will have a range of three cocktails for you to sample as well as three chocolate bars to be paired with them! What better way to kick-off your Friday evening than with a glimpse into the future of cacao-pulp cocktails!

You can also leave a comment below if you have suggestions or recommendations for what you’d like to see at the Canopy Market takeover:

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