Akesson’s Madagascar White 43%

By Åkesson's

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A luxury white chocolate bar from renowned maker Akesson’s.

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    Åkesson’s Madagascar White 43%

    As you unwrap the bar, inhale the deliciously sweet aroma. Take a bite into the smooth and creamy bar and discover the rich flavour and hints of chocolate smoke.

    For this bar, Åkesson’s uses a high content of cocoa butter that they themselves make in Madagascar. This is not deodorised, an uncommon characteristic of cocoa butter. Chocolate makers developed the process of deodorisation to eliminate the unwanted flavours and aromas from the cocoa butter so that it doesn’t impart any flavours on chocolate. Using cocoa butter that hasn’t been deodorised gives these Åkesson’s bars an authentic, chocolatey flavour that is highly unusual in a white chocolate bar.

    Bertil Åkesson is one of the true heroes of the bean to bar market, pioneering the direct sale of his single estate beans to over three hundred chocolate makers all over the world. Born to a Swedish diplomat father and a French mother, Bertil grew up in Madagascar, where his family settled in the 1970s. There, his father established a number of cocoa and spice plantations which Bertil has expanded. Bertil also crafts his own bars.

    Single-origin white bars are extremely unusual, with this bar holding a particularly special place among them as the very first single-estate white chocolate. This delicious example comes from Bertil’s Bejofo Estate, spreading over approximately 2000Ha in the celebrated Sambirano Valley, in the North-West of Madagascar. Indeed, many of the world’s best chocolate makers and chefs source their cocoa from the Bejofo Estate.



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    Weight 60 g
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    Single Bar £5.95, Carton of 12 £71.40

  • 2 reviews for Akesson’s Madagascar White 43%

    • Simon T.

      Simon T.

      November 5, 2018

      I was disappointed with this. I thought it was one step up from Milky Bar. It's a quality product but not enough flavour in it for me.

    • Michael A.

      Michael A.

      March 4, 2016

      This piece of chocolate is the Performing Arts of chocolate, meaning in every palatable sense, it's taste, and flavor sang a beautiful falsetto. Rather than the milk and sugar having a disagreement with being paired with cocoa butter that is true to itself, and unplugged (deodorized), Akesson has developed a way to let these three ingredients sit down and have a meeting thus finding a happy medium so that one or the other won't be upstaged. Akessons white chocolate is definitely top spot, in line with non deodorized competitors that co exist in the world of fine white chocolates. Thank You, and God Bless/Best Regards

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