Casa Cacao – Piura, Peru 66% Dark

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    This sweet bar full of citrus and passionfruit has a lovely melt and a slight graininess to it, with hints of caramel and raspberry on the finish.


    You may have seen renowned chef, restauranteur, and pastry maker Jordi Roca on his own episode of Netflix’s The Chef’s Table. A trailblazing culinary figure, he discovered the magic of cocoa on a visit to the Awajún native community in Peru. He saw their under-appreciated dedication to the craft of cocoa farming, and determined to make bars that – as with wine – resemble the people who create them. He partnered with chocolatier Damian Allsop, and together they have successfully launched a boutique hotel and café in their hometown of Girona.


    The beans in this bar come from the Norandino Cooperative in the Piura Valley of northern Peru. This well-sized cooperative has managed to establish a market for its high-quality beans and dissociate from the market price. The well-organised farmers have a long heritage of cacao, and together they are able to perfect their processes and make a healthy living off their cocoa farming.

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    Weight 80 g
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  • 1 review for Casa Cacao – Piura, Peru 66% Dark

    • Ben S.

      Ben S.

      August 25, 2021

      Really nice. Quite intense, but with lots of lovely complexity. Flavour leans berry / sour but isn't overpowering

  • Energy559.35kJ/134kcal
    Peanuts (traces), soybeans (traces), milk (traces)
    Cacao beans, sugar, cacao butter

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