Chocolat Madagascar – Ottange 100% Dark

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This indulgent 100% chocolate bar has a beautiful buttery melt, with notes of treacle and molasses. The beans are grown at the Ottange farm in Madagascar.


Most of the cocoa grown in Africa is exported once its been fermented and dried.  Chocolat Madagascar is one of relatively few companies that both grow cocoa and make chocolate bars in Madagascar.   Doing this injects both skills and investment into the local communities.  Chocolat Madagascar was one of the first to produce chocolate in this way.  The Company has been making chocolate from local Malagasy cocoa beans since 1940 working closely with local farmers.  Indeed, its bars have been sold locally for many years, but until now – it has not been easily available outside of this African island nation.

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One of two major factories on the island of Madagascar, Robert produces chocolate that is widely available locally, but little known outside the island. Read more about Chocolat Madagascar

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