Dick Taylor Madagascar Sambirano 72%

By Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

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A punchy Madagascan dark chocolate bar with lively citrus and nutty earthiness.

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    For Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor, this Madagascan 72% dark chocolate bar is a firm favourite among contenders for their favourite bar that they themselves make, adding that “this chocolate continues to improve and challenge our palates batch after batch.” High praise indeed, and with the wonderful expression of fruity Madagascan beans from the celebrated plantations of Bertil Åkesson in the Sambirano Valley, we understand why. We also detected lively citrus and hints of molasses and a delicious nutty earthiness, making this a punchy bar with real depth.

    Adam and Dustin selected cacao from Bertil Åkesson’s Sambirano plantation in Madagascar for its consistent high quality, earning it international renown as some of the best in world. But it has even greater significance for these boys as the very first cacao they purchased and made into chocolate. This is the cacao that launched a thousand top quality, small-batch craft chocolatiers, so legendary is its quality, and without it, Dick Taylor might not exist!

    As an added bonus, this bar might just be the prettiest bar you’ll ever eat, the delicate moulding reflecting an artistry and craftsmanship that harks back to Adam and Dustin’s noble former profession of boat building. In fact, craft was a guiding principle, in addition to a love of tactile endeavours, in leading them in 2010 to join the blossoming craft chocolate revolution. Seeking to “reinvent the chocolate experience” by showcasing the subtle nuances in flavour that can be captured from the finest cacao across the world, today Adam and Dustin operate out of their small factory in Eureka, California where they pride themselves on a simplicity of ingredients and a long and meticulous production process.

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    Weight 57 g
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  • Energy2520kJ/602kcal
    of which
    - saturates17.85g
    of which
    - sugars31.7g

    Allergens coming soon.

    Organic cacao, organic cane sugar

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Originally carpenters making wooden boats, Dick Taylor is a company focused on change. After making the move from boats to chocolate, they turned their attention to making the finest fair-trade organic chocolate from their small factory in California. Read more about Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

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