Fossa – Luna, Philippines 75% Dark

By Fossa

Fossa – Luna, Philippines 75% Dark


This dark bar has a bright citrusy profile and a nicely smooth melt – and look out for notes of nuts and lychee on the finish. 

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These rare beans – known as “luna” thanks to their huge size (~3cm) and white coloured flesh – have a bright citrusy profile, which is accentuated by Fossa’s particular making style. The bar has a nicely smooth melt, and look out for notes of nuts and lychee on the finish. 


The fossa is a cat-like mammal indigenous to Madagascar, just like the craft chocolate Yilina and Jay tasted years ago that first started their chocolate journey. Yilina and Jay’s first taste of craft chocolate was a Madagascan dark bar, and they were instantly hit by wonderful flavours of refreshingly tart raspberries and warm almonds. This moment opened the pair’s eyes to how craft chocolate can have such flavour clarity – so different from the normal mass-produced industrial chocolate they grew up with.


The beans in this bar have been sourced from Auro in Davao, Philippines. Auro is a chocolate maker and bean supplier, who works with 5 cooperatives and 50 farmers representing over 1000 cocoa-farming families in the region. Thanks to Auro’s investment, education, and farmer empowerment, Auro’s farmers now earn over three times as much per hectare for their cocoa harvests as they did in 2015.

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