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This is a beautifully creamy and aromatic chocolate bar, with aromas of caramel and rich tea biscuits. The white chocolate, prior to the addition of flavour, had been caramelised which lends itself to a caramel and biscuity flavour.  The finish is savoury via the herbiness of the curry leaves.  It really is a fantastic marriage of “saltiness” and “sweetness” that you’ll savour, not scoff.

“On first taste I thought, hmm, here’s a chocolate I probably can’t eat but, ever the professional, I went back and tried it again and it became possibly the most intriguing and complex chocolate I ever did eat, and quite addictive. It’s difficult to describe it because there’s so much going on.” – Annalisa Barbieri in The Guardian, 7th March 2021


The fossa is a cat-like mammal indigenous to Madagascar, just like the craft chocolate Yilina and Jay tasted years ago that first started their chocolate journey. Yilina and Jay’s first taste of craft chocolate was a Madagascan dark bar, and they were instantly hit by wonderful flavours of refreshingly tart raspberries and warm almonds. This moment opened the pair’s eyes to how craft chocolate can have such flavour clarity – so different from the normal mass-produced industrial chocolate they grew up with.

This Salted Egg chocolate bar is probably Fossa’s most iconic bar. Salted egg is a Chinese preserved food product made by soaking duck eggs in brine. Fossa make the salted egg cereal in-house and sprinkle it over their white chocolate that has been slowly caramelised. In addition to cocoa butter and salted egg, Fossa also add milk powder, sugar, cereal, butter, curry leaves, chilli padi and a touch of sea salt.

But don’t just take our word for it! Have a look at what the attendees at one of our recent Virtual Tastings had to say about it:

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7 reviews for Fossa – Salted Egg Cereal Blond Chocolate

  1. Alexandra D.

    A delicate, unusual bar which is well worth trying. Like a classy Caramac!

  2. Annie W.

    I was a bit scared to try this one but once I did I was hooked. So unusual, so addictive and love the slight hit of spicy heat at the end.

  3. Laura C.

    I can honestly say this is the chocolate bar i’ve tried in ages, amazing blend of flavours and textures, and very original! Reminds me of egg custard tarts but better!

  4. Martina J.

    Initially I thought I didn’t like this, but it grew on me! It’s a really odd, interesting combination of flavours — sweet and caramelised, salty, buttery, and spicy, with a crunchy texture from the cereal. Sometimes I think the curry leaves clash with the sugar, and sometimes they harmonise. Well worth a try in any case!

  5. Claire H.

    Unusual flavour but very tasty!

  6. Rebecca M.

    I think you could call this white chocolate for people who don’t like white chocolate. The toasty-biscuit-y notes of the caramelised white chocolate pairs beautifully with the rich egg yolk, and the spice notes linger pleasingly.

  7. Ceylan H.

    Very unusual, but definitely not just a gimmicky bar. Very enjoyably textured, with crunch to it. The initial hit is sweet and eggy, leaving a gorgeous aftertaste of spicy heat. A perfect bar to brighten a grey, gloomy winter.

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Energy2469kJ / 590kcal
of which
- saturates25.3g
of which
- sugars25.4g
Cereals containing gluten, milk
Cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar, salted duck egg yolk, cereal, butter, curry leaves, chilli, sea salt