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    ‘The great French chef Auguste Escoffier said “To know how to eat is know how to live.” We can be more specific than that. If you only know how to eat chocolate, you’ll know a great deal about how to live.’ 

    In his exclusive essay for Cocoa Runners, ‘The Critique of Pure Cacao’ Julian Baggini gives his thoughts on the importance and joys of craft chocolate. The short piece is a sort of epilogue to his critically acclaimed book ‘The Virtues of the Table’, which is also included with this collection. The book takes a philosophical but fun look at our relationship with food – from farming to eating – and is a must-read for anyone who is serious about their love of food.

    To accompany your journey through food philosophy, Julian has picked three bars from our chocolate library.


    • Three full-sized beautifully packaged artisan dark chocolate bars from around the world.
    • Bars from Marou, Menakao and TCHO.
    • A paperback copy of ‘The Virtues of the Table’ by Julian Baggini and his Cocoa Runners exclusive  essay ‘The Critique of Pure Cacao’.
    • Detailed tasting notes to let you unwrap the stories behind each bar.
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