Lucky Dip Box – Beyond Best Before Box


Each of these boxes contains 4 bars that may show some signs of being “out of temper” (ie slightly heat damaged)

  • Description

    As part of our commitment to minimising food waste, we’ve decided to reward those of you who want to give a good home to four craft chocolate bars which, owing to the vagaries of supply chains since Brexit and Covid are now past their Best Before Dates.

    The box is likely to contain mainly dark bars and occasional milk bars.

    Please note that there is nothing in the dark bars which “goes off” (i.e., they don’t have a USE BY date).  But legally all chocolate bars (and pretty much any food) has to have a somewhat arbitrary “best before date”.  For more on ageing bars, vintage chocolate, etc, please see here.

    In terms of milk, they tend to be labelled with “use by” dates. Given this,  all the milk chocolates in this box will be just before their “use by” date – so luckily, you’ll have to eat them quickly!

    Each of these boxes contains some great bars .. but a few of them may be “out of temper”.  They still taste great!  And even if they are out of temper, they make great drinking chocolate and are great to cook with.

    Get your hands on a great deal today – and remember, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

    Please note:

    • These are ‘final sale’ only – we will not accept returns of these boxes. If you don’t love the bars you receive, we’d recommend turning them into a delicious hot chocolate or perhaps a brownie – head on over to our recipe section for some inspiration…
    • This product is exempt from all coupons and discounts.
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