Lucky Dip – 100% Bars


  • Description

    In aim of reducing our food waste we have established a set of lucky dip boxes – each box contains 4 short-life bars or bars which have surpassed their best before. date.

    This box contains x4 100% top quality craft chocolate bars – which we’d rather didn’t end up in the bin! So get your hands on a great deal and try a lucky dip!

    Please note that there is nothing in these bars which “goes off” (i.e., they don’t have a USE BY date).  But legally all chocolate bars have to have a somewhat arbitrary “best before date”.  For more on this, please see here.

    • These are ‘final sale’ only – we will not accept returns of these boxes. If you don’t love the bars you receive, we’d recommend turning them into a delicious hot chocolate or perhaps a brownie – head on over to our recipe section for some inspiration…
    • This product is exempt from all coupons and discounts.
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