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In aim of reducing our food waste we have established a set of lucky dip boxes – each box contains 4 short-life bars or bars which have surpassed their best before. date.

This box contains x4 100% top quality craft chocolate bars – which we’d rather didn’t end up in the bin! So get your hands on a great deal and try a lucky dip!

Please note that there is nothing in these bars which “goes off” (i.e., they don’t have a USE BY date).  But legally all chocolate bars have to have a somewhat arbitrary “best before date”.  For more on this, please see here.

  • These are ‘final sale’ only – we will not accept returns of these boxes. If you don’t love the bars you receive, we’d recommend turning them into a delicious hot chocolate or perhaps a brownie – head on over to our recipe section for some inspiration…
  • This product is exempt from all coupons and discounts.

5 reviews for Lucky Dip – 100% Bars

  1. Katarina

    I love 100% craft chocolate and always buy this lucky dip when it’s in stock.
    The quality is no different to those bars that are still in date so it’s just the inconvenience of not being able to choose what you get for an amazing value, so I think I’ll keep buying 😀

  2. ledwards_2003

    Three identical Åkessons and one different. I don’t mind at the price and fortunately I particularly like Åkessons so they certainly will be eaten, not wasted. But it might be a good idea to warn people in the description that they may get three or four identical bars

  3. Lee R.

    Not sure if a lucky dip constitutes all 4 bars being the same, but good value. As 100%s go, Pump Street Ecuador was good. Would be interested if Pump Street did a 100% Madagascar.

  4. Lee Fernandez

    Shame all bars were the same. Doesn’t feel very lucky!

  5. jessicaflower

    Amazing Value and Lovely Chocolate Pump Street, my only negative feedback is that all 4 bars were the same, but it is a lucky dip so fair enough ?

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