Milk & Dark – COOPOAM, Brazil (Georgia Ramon)

By Georgia Ramon


See how the addition of milk changes a chocolate bar! These two bars are made by the same maker using the same beans – the only difference is the cocoa content and addition of milk. Notice the differences in texture and mouthfeel, and see how the sweetness of the milk changes the beans’ flavour profile. And we bet you’ll be reaching for a second piece of the milk bar – this is the “bliss point” in action (come to a tasting to find out more).



For this 73% dark bar, expect an exotic mix of red berries, tropical fruits, honey and rum.

At 60% cocoa content, this dark milk bar is a seriously intense treat for milk chocolate lovers. The earthy notes of the Brazilian cocoa are countered perfectly by the natural sweet creaminess of the milk, leaving a rich milk chocolate bar that’s supremely indulgent with pleasing malted notes.


Georgia Ramon was founded in 2015 by renowned pâtissier Georg Bernadini and his partner, Ramona Gustmann, to be a craft chocolate maker, shop, and café dedicated to producing the highest-quality handmade chocolate. Georg began his career as an apprentice confectioner in 1984, before going on to work as head pâtissier at the Michelin-starred Les Jardins de l’Opéra in Toulouse. Based in Siegburg, near Bonn, Georg has also used his extensive experience to write Chocolate – The Reference Standard, a comprehensive 920-page overview of the world of artisan chocolate makers.


The beans for these bars are sourced from the COOPOAM cooperative. COOPOAM grows cocoa along the Xingu river – a tributary of the Amazon – in the Brazilian state of Pará, and is part of the larger CEPOTX association of cooperatives. CEPOTX is a union of six cooperatives that has come together to focus on sustainable agriculture and reforestation in the Amazon. It has also championed the Organic and Fairtrade certification of its 150 families of farmers.

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Georg Bernadini and Ramona Gustmann craft their bars in Bonn, Germany. Read more about Georgia Ramon

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