Qantu – Gran Blanco 70%

By Qantu

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  • Description

    This Qantu Gran Blanco uses cacao beans from Piura in Peru. When Elfi & Maxime decided to start crafting chocolate they visited Peru to find their perfect beans. They went to Salon du Chocolat in Lima, where they met a number of different producers they then visited.

    The cacao for this bar comes from Norandino in Peru. This slightly larger co-operative has managed to create a market for its high quality cacao and dissociate from the market price. The well-organised farmers have a long heritage of cacao. All this enables the farmers to perfect their processes and make a healthy living of the cacao.

    The cacao beans are harvested from March to June and are then sun-dried. The high number of white beans means that fermentation is a little longer; between 4-6 days.

    Tasting Notes

    As the name suggests, the bar has a remarkably pale, amber colouring. The gentle chocolate has layer upon layer of effervescent flavours. Sharp currants along with other berries come through. The chocolate is almost juicy, with a beautiful acidity. Finally we noted a touch of treacle.



  • Additional information

    Weight 60 g
    Type of Chocolate


    Bean Origin

    Maker Country

    Cocoa Percentage


  • Energy573 calkJ/137kcal
    of which
    - saturates23g
    of which
    - sugars27g

    Allergens coming soon.

    Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter

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Maker description

Qantu is a Quebecois chocolate maker making waves on both sides of the Atlantic. Read more about Qantu