Standout Chocolate – Maya Mountain, Belize 70% Dark Bar

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This bar has notes of summer berries, characterised by blackberry and raisin as well as an indulgent chocolate brownie flavour and and buttery finish.


Standout Chocolate launched onto the craft chocolate scene as a one-man-band in 2018. Fredrik Martinsson, Standout’s founder, has a background in engineering and specialty coffee, and he uses that experience and skillset to craft his award-winning chocolate in Kållered, Sweden. He sources his cocoa beans directly from co-operatives and farmers all over the world, aiming to create “a better world, through social, environmental and economic sustainability for the farmers.”


Grown amongst avocado and banana trees, the beans from Maya Mountain in Belize. MMC source beans grown by smallholders and centralise their post-harvest production (including fermentation and drying), marketing and exportation. The majority of beans cultivated by the MMC farming network are Amelonado-dominant hybrids and other Upper Amazon Forastero Hybrids, with flavour notes of honey, pineapple, raisin, tobacco and fudge.

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2 reviews for Standout Chocolate – Maya Mountain, Belize 70% Dark Bar

  1. Lynette A.

    Standout is one of my favorite brands. I like every bar I have tried. This will be a staple in our home. Everyone in my home likes it.

  2. Annie R.

    I really enjoyed this bar. I’m not any kind of expert but I’m amazed how all these award winning chocolate bars are so different from each other. I really liked the depth of flavour and enjoyed that buttery finish in this one, hard to identify at first but a really different note to any of the others I’m trying. . .

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